How Is The Fashion Industry Embracing The Digital Age?

fashion industry

The fashion industry is not exempted from digital disruption.

Advancements in technology have changed the way businesses in the field design their product and reach out to their customers. These days, we are seeing more and more fashion brands focus their attention on their online audience. This is primarily due to the establishment of ecommerce as a powerful money making platform.

Top fashion companies have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to incorporating the latest digital trends with their marketing campaigns. Below highlights examples of successful strategies that won over numerous fashion enthusiasts.

Celebrity As A Driving Force In Endorsements

Large fashion brands use celebrities to endorse their products online. An example is Dior’s Twitter campaigns, which are considered to be edgy and new. The company used Twitter to release teasers to promote their brand. The results were outstanding; as the tweets received a total of 1,359 retweets in the first hour.

Furthermore, Dior included a selection of photos to go with their tweets. Cosmetics and fashion trends were the main focus of the pictures. Dior took this opportunity to promote a variety of their products, which also played a part in the company’s online success.

Chanel dug deep into the past and decided to incorporate a past celebrity in their latest campaign. This trend was starting to pick up at the time, as Audrey Hepburn, Bruce Lee and Gene Kelly were all part revived to play key roles in commercials in the form of holograms and old voice clips. Chanel stuck with Marilyn Monroe as a primary spokesperson for the brand’s latest product.

Social Media’s Role In The Fashion Industry

Social media plays an essential role in the online advancement of the fashion industry. It is a key platform for sharing pictures and events. Apart from the usual Facebook and Twitter campaigns, fashion brands use Pinterest to drive their products.

According to research, Pinterest users are mostly composed of females. Moreover, those who use Pinterest as an ecommerce platform mostly sell clothes and accessories. Because of this, many fashion brands have found Pinterest to be extremely helpful in building followers and engaging audiences. The female-driven platform is also useful for establishing online communities; where photos are the primary content being shared.

Top 3 Trends In The Fashion Industry

1. Outfit tools- Many online retail brands have utilized new tools for buyers to “try” on their product before making a purchase. One of these platforms is called an outfit tool. This platform lets users upload a picture of themselves and attach different types of clothes and products on the photo. The possibilities of combinations are virtually endless, which can increase the chances of a successful transaction.

2. Personal blog agreements and social sites- Social sites are the driving force of online fashion trends. They are used for gathering suggestions through surveys and polls, as well as a tool for engagement.

The fashion industry has also been found using blogs as a driving force for reviews. Large brands target personal blogs and sign on with them to increase their own fan base. This method is highly successful for companies that have the extra budget in providing high traffic blogs with incentives needed to supplement their online efforts.

3. Mobile integration- Mobile integration in the fashion industry revolves around retail. Brands release promos and online coupons, which encourages buyers to browse their site on their mobile device. This trend is being used to seamlessly integrate mobile campaigns with other platforms such as social media. Mobile integration is the connector that bridges the gap between two components that in most cases are not likely to cross paths.

How do you think digital trends will shape the fashion industry in the future? Share your thoughts with us.





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