How Jacques Torres Became a Chocolate Tycoon

Jacques Torres, aka Mr. Chocolate, is the man behind the Jacques Torres Chocolate brand that includes an array of chocolate delicacies ranging from handmade artisan chocolates to chocolate chip cookies and chocolate gift baskets.

Sink or Swim

Torres started his chocolate business with a very limited budget, but thanks to the help of a couple of friends, he managed to establish his shop in an old property in Brooklyn. When the preparations for opening the shop were going on, a New York Times journalist asked Torres when he was planning to open the shop. The poor owner said “by Christmas” (which was not true, of course). However, his statement to the press forced him into a corner and then had to speed up the preparations along with his team members to pen by Christmas – which was really a struggle. This is how it all started for Jacques Torres.

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Watch this video to get first-hand testimony from Jacques Torres on how he built his chocolate empire from the ground up and how he doubled his business to earn $10 Million in one year.

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