How Millennials View Work

Millennials are perhaps the most stereotyped age cohort in the world of work. They are often deemed lazy, having a poor work ethic, more likely to job hop, having unrealistic expectations and so on. A study by Bentley University in Waltham, Mass., shows the real portrait of working millennials.

So what do millennials think about their own workplace desires and preparedness? Here’s what the survey revealed:

  •  Almost half of millennials (51%)prefer to talk with their colleagues face-to-face.
  •  Only a fifth (19%) of millennials use email as a method of communication in the workplace.
  •  77% consider flexible working hours as a factor that would increase their productivity.
  •  The majority of millennials say they’ll stay with four or fewer companies for their entire career.
  •  When choosing between two equal jobs, they would mostly factor in which company offers the best health care benefits as well as flexible work hours.
  •  Unlike their parents’ way of viewing career success (that is becoming a CEO), 66% of millennials aspire to become entrepreneurs, and 37% want to be self-employed.
  • 79% expect a salary increase every year while 77% value a pay raise over promotion.

Find out more interesting takeaways in the infographic by Bentley University, and explore how millennials will shape the future of the modern workplace. 

This Is How Millennials View Work