How Much Fun is Your Workplace? (Employee Edition) [Quiz]


Fun in the workplace? Now, don’t go all ‘what absurdity is this’ on me, there is such a thing as a fun workplace. Yes, I am here to confirm that not all workplaces dwell in misery, and that as a matter of fact there are some workplaces around the world – and not just Google - where employees are happy to be in the office and don’t hate every miserable minute of their work existence.

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Now if you work in a workplace where joking with the boss and discussing your colleague’s pet’s eating patterns are things that are encouraged, you probably have no idea what it means to be miserable at work.

If, however, you are just plain out not sure whether your workplace would rank as fun, this quiz will help you decide whether you and your colleagues need to set new workplace goals.

1) Right before lunch every day my office goes crazy. People are buzzing around and everyone’s so excited they can’t even sit.

  1. What? Why would we go crazy before lunch?
  2. Definitely, if I want to get something done before lunch I have to talk out loud to myself just to hear myself think.
  3. Occasionally, it’s like that. For example, everybody’s crazy happy on Fridays, but you won’t hear a peep on Mondays.

2) It’s half day on Christmas Eve and you and your colleagues are:

  1. Busy bees, you want to make the most of your day, right?
  2. In the lunchroom drinking wine and singing carols.
  3. Pretending to work.

3) The most exciting thing that happens in your office regularly is:

  1. When the kettle breaks and it whistles like a train. Boy oh boy, do you picture riding the Hogwarts Express then!
  2. Come as your favourite superhero day, once a month.
  3. When someone has their birthday and there’s a gift to be given and a candle to be blown.

4) Multiculturism in your office is celebrated by:

  1. Being inexistent
  2. Monday is for Mexican -Maria brings these tacos that make your brain explode. Tuesdays are for Indian, Wednesdays are for Korean, Thursdays are for French –because the French girl likes to cook snails and nobody has the heart to tell her how disgusting that is and Fridays are for pizza, the world’s best food.
  3. Umm, we don’t celebrate it as such. There are people from different backgrounds and I for one will definitely ask for some advice when I’m planning to cook a traditional dish from their country but that’s about it.

5) The most exciting thing that has EVER happened in your office was when:

  1. Everyone –including the boss- was away on holidays last summer and you made a pact with your colleagues to come to work in shorts.
  2. That’s a tough one! There are just too many things to pick from, our boss came in his Darth Vader costume on the Force Awakens premiere and that was pretty hilarious.
  1. Well, I guess when we toasted the New Year with the boss in the break room with champagne –as in real alcohol at work!

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If you got more As: Have you considered changing jobs? Maybe you should! Seriously your workplace couldn’t be deader if there were walkers creeping up your office door.

If you got more Bs: Hello! Where do you work? Can I come please? Pretty please?

Please let me come!!!

If you got more Cs: Your workplace needs some serious work, it lacks workplace culture but you can save the situation. Pick the right activity for your team in order to bond and start having fun at work.