How Much is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You? [Infographic]

Coffee lovers around the world know how difficult it can be to get through the day without caffeine. From the moment you wake up, you realise you can’t function without your favorite drink as you can practically smell its rich aroma before you even get out of the bed. That’s when you rush out and get to the nearest Starbucks and end up practically begging the barista to take your money so that you can finally enjoy a cup of caramel macchiato.

Despite all of the well known health benefits of coffee, have you ever considered how much it costs you on a daily basis? While buying a takeaway coffee every day may be convenient, it is seriously hurting your wallet. According to this infographic from Buddy Loans, in the UK the annual cost of specialist outlet cappuccino can be a massive £608, 84 which is huge, especially when you are trying to save money.

So, unless you are ready to sacrifice your daily dose of caffeine to protect your savings, there are many ways you can limit your expenses. For example, turning to filter coffee, which is much cheaper than cappuccino, or preparing your coffee at home!

How much is your coffee addiction costing you? Check out this infographic to find out…




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