How Much is Your Qualification Worth [Infographic]

higher education, a higher life

Is getting a degree a waste of time or does it help you get the most out of your career? According to this infographic by CollegeOnline, higher education can actually help graduates reach prosperity and avoid the misfortune of being unemployed. Actually, recent reports from the US Census Bureau, College Board and National Centre for Education Statistics revealed that if you hold a degree you can have a “higher life”.

Money-wise, higher education can definitely contribute towards making a health or luxury living depending on the level and subject of your studies. This infographic stresses the importance of studying at Higher Education and supports the idea that a degree can boost lifelong learning salary potential.

Here are some key facts from the infographic:

  • The 2010 median annual wage for Bachelor’s holders has increased by $22.524 since 1991.
  • Holding a Doctorate can help you get an annual wage of $87,500.
  • Having no college or university degree can help you get $20.070.  
  • The median lifelong learning value of a Professional Degree exceeds the $3 million.  

Have a look at the infographic to get more information in regards to how much your degree is worth and get useful data relating to salaries in regards to certain occupations; the educational level of the American workforce and an insight into US unemployment rates.