How NBA Salaries Compare to Other Jobs


Let’s take a look at the salaries involved with the US native big money making sport that is the NBA, and see what happens when we place those earnings side by side with others in our communities.

Kevin Durant = 658 Firefighters

Players like Kevin Durant earning an outstanding $31,800,000, would cater for the yearly wage of 658 firefighters. Should we compare the income of the average NBA player, with that of a fireman’s commonly seen average $48,270, yep… we’d need 106 firefighters to match the pay slip.

Carmelo Anthony = 1440 Retail Workers

This superstar sees a yearly income of $30,400,000 which is the same as employing 1,440 people working in retail on the average salary of $21,110. Should one NBA player’s salary be compared with the standard earning, this equates to 244 people, more than enough to run a large business sales division!

Kobe Bryant = 959 Nurses

Taking the widespread salary of $67,930 paid yearly to medical practitioners, to match that with Kobe’s salary of over 64 million dollars, we would need 959 nurses. Kobe Bryant equates to roughly 90% of Los Angeles County’s 2012-2013 Nursing Budget. All things considered the average player from top to bottom, measured with the universal wage reaching in at $67,930, the average NBA player is worth seventy six nurses.

Derrick Rose = 2,045 Fast Food Workers

The sports superstar takes home an exceptional $38,600,000 this is also the jobs of 2,045 employees within the food sector earning $18,000. When also considering the higher end salaries in the sport with also the lowest paid players, leveling out the average is the same as 273 workers in the fast food industry.

Chris Paul = 405 Teachers

A contender in the big money makers list is Chris Paul who earns almost 23 million dollars a year which meets an equilibrium point with that of 405 teachers earning a typical $56,320 per year. The average sum of all NBA players considered sees one NBA player reaching the same collectively as 91 teachers.

Lebron James = 153 United States Presidents

The US president earns a respectable $400,000 in one year at the white house and yet Lebron takes in $61,067,500. That’s 153 times the president’s wage! The average NBA player is worth 13 US president’s salary combined to reach the pay of the sports contributors. Put into another perspective… In one year Lebron made more money than every US president combined in the history of country.


Arguments have been raised in relation to how better to spend these funds, but with a multi-billion dollar sport; it’s just the nature of the beast.

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