How Not To Give Recruiters’ a Negative Impression of You

The current economic climate has resulted in an abundance of both over and under qualified candidates desperate to find employment. Candidates are applying for vacancies that are not necessarily related to their experiences, which means the current labor market is seeing single positions receiving hundreds, even thousands of job applications. This not only puts added stress and pressure on recruiters, but it makes the competition between candidates even more fierce. So, if you are hoping to get your foot in the door, you need to firstly ensure that the recruiter immediately gains a positive first impression from you. As soon as you give off a negative vibe, you have essentially killed any chances you had of securing a job offer.

Here are the most commonly made mistakes that give recruiters a bad first impression of you…

Arriving Late:

First impressions are crucial in an interview; therefore, if you are running late they may question your time-keeping abilities. If you have a valid excuse such as a train derailment, then unless they are very cold hearted, they will understand. Be sure to phone up and tell them that you are going to be late. It will make you look more organized, considerate and professional.

Texting or answering your phone:

It may seem surprising but research suggests that many candidates (particularly those with less experience) choose to answer phone calls or send text messages during a job interview. This is extremely disrespectful, rude and disruptive and demonstrates that the candidate is not interested in the position. I mean come on, if you are talking to someone and they decide to answer a phone call or text it is annoying in general, so imagine how irritated you would be as an interviewer having to put up with it?! If the interviewer answers their phone, don’t take this as a queue to use yours.

Appearing apathetic:

If you come into an interview with a bad attitude or appear uninterested in the job then the recruiter is going to pick up on this straight away and will have changed their mind about you almost immediately. “Great CV but bad attitude…we won’t be making an offer.” If you want to avoid the recruiter saying that as soon as you leave the building, be sure to go in with a positive, motivated and enthusiastic attitude!

Dressing inappropriately:

Remember, first impressions are everything; how you dress reflects on how you perceive yourself and how professional you consider yourself to be. If you arrive to the interview wearing a t-shirt and sneakers then you are completely up the creek, no question about it. If you arrive showing off the twins you are probably not going to do too well either. Phone up the company and ask them what their dress code is depending on the country you live in. In the UK and Ireland it will always be a suit and tie for men and smart suit/corporate style dress for women. 

Inconsistent CV:

Inconsistencies on your CV will be immediately flagged by interviewers as lies. While it is excusable to tell a few white lies to get your CV noticed, it is not ok to outright lie about skills or qualifications you have attained. This is essentially falsifying information and can get you in hot water!

Chewing gum:

Enough said. If you chew gum in the interview it shows unprofessionalism and a lack of interest. Come on guys if you can’t figure that one out then do you really deserve to get the job?

Speaking negatively:

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job search

This one can be a bit tricky sometimes. If you are asked about past projects or former managers, never say anything negative about them, even if it kills you! Instead, try and highlight how you helped them. Put a positive spin on any negative. If recruiters hear you talking negatively about people they are inclined to think you are not a team player and will moan about future employers and co-workers so they will flag this as well.

Some of these are deal breakers such as dressing inappropriately and texting during the interview. But all of the points mentioned, if not avoided, will make it that bit harder for you to get your foot in the door and land the job.