How Online Education Evolved Over the Years [Infographic]

Why choose to study at a college when you can do this online? Distant learning has gained popularity over the time. This is how online education grew.

Many students choose distance learning over physically attending a college or university because it’s much cheaper. Apart from the reduced tuition fees, there are also no transportation or extra housing costs because you don’t have to physically attend class. With the help of online education, you can earn a degree from the luxury of your home.

This infographic, created by Online School Center, plots the rise of online education and how it has developed over the years. Starting with the first distance learning classes in 1892, when the University of Chicago began offering so-called “correspondence” courses. Up to the modern day, and the widespread adoption of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). In fact, online education has become so popular that roughly 2,659,203 students took online courses in 2013 alone. Imagine what online education will look like in the future!

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Take a look at this infographic and try to figure out what the future of online education will look like. Can you guess? Let us know in the comments section below…




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