How Phil Dumontet Turned His Bicycle Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Phil Dumonted, the 26-year-old CEO of Dashed, the leading restaurant delivery service based in Boston, started his business literally with two wheels and a plastic food container. Nowadays, he expanded his service to five cities and more than 500 restaurants.

Everything started in 2009 when Phil had just graduated from Boston College, with a Marketing and Philosophy degree. Before graduating, he was offered a contract by AT&T in sales which he subsequently broke to follow his entrepreneurial passion.

How it all Started…

Like any other successful entrepreneur, Phil identified a great opportunity after investigating the local market. The truth is that there were already some food-delivery services in Boston but the largest one closed as many customers were complaining about tardy delivery service.

Thinking how to fill the gap in the market, Phil established Dashed, with the aim of delivering restaurant food as promptly as possible. The new service was promising to deliver food on a 45-minutes average. The young founder started delivering to an Italian place called Maurizio on his trek mountain bike which featured an insulated Rubbermaid container.  

The delivery system is extremely efficient. When a customer places a food order online or on the phone, it gets transferred to the company’s dispatch routing system in Boston. Then a dispatcher arranges the pickup. Dashed typically receives a 30% from the orders delivered.

How the Company Evolved

In the course of time, Dashed became the leading restaurant delivery service in the Northeast expanding to Providence, Philadelphia, Hoboken, New Jersey and Baltimore. Interestingly, as the company strives to get the food delivered as fast as possible, it increasingly invests in smart logistics. One in four carrier team members use bikes and scooters as they are a faster and more nimble means of transport. Other delivery guys use electric and eco-friendly SmartCars. The company’s fleet makes it the fastest, most efficient and greenest delivery service in the industry.

Today, Dashed has more than 50 top-rated restaurants to Foodler’s delivery options in Chicago. Last year, Dashed was ranked #1 fastest-growing restaurant delivery service in U.S., ranking #119 nationwide, and #7 in Massachusets on Inc. magazine’s Inc 5000 list. Most importantly, by the end of 2012, Dashed had a revenue of $4.6 million.

How Entrepreneurship Changed Phil’s Life

Phil admits that embarking on an entrepreneurial career has impacted on the way he looks and does everything. He admits that “You’re no longer an actor, you’re the director. For better or worse, it’s almost impossible to NOT start seeing business opportunities and ways to do things better in everyday life. Minor frustrations that you experience when you’re out and about, instead of just complaining about them, will make you question things: How would I do this differently? Am I the only person who would appreciate doing it this (better) way, or is there a real need for this?”

Phil’s Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Phil highlights that it is not necessarily hard work that counts the most for an entrepreneur but smart work; that is what really drives your business to the next level. He notes “Don’t let the failures get you down. Yes, you can mope around for a bit, but not too long. Stand up, learn, and move on. Failure is simply an opportunity to learn and try again. Persistence does pay. In the sales world, remember that “no” usually just means “not yet”.

All in all, Phil’s entrepreneurial story reveals a brilliant enterprise which builds its success on a strong commitment: to bring restaurant food to customers’ doorstep in 45 minutes. What we can learn from it is that it’s not the quantity or the most modern infrastructure that make a business successful but how smart, efficient and inventive its service is.