How Playing an Instrument Can Make You More Intelligent

If you are a musician, you will be pleased to find out that playing an instrument can actually have several long-term positive effects on your skills development, perception and understanding about the world. Thanks to recent studies, neuroscientists found out that this kind of mental activity engages every area of your brain at once and more specifically the visual, auditory and motor cortices.

As a musician, this means that:

  • You can solve problems more effectively and creatively.
  • You can plan and strategize in advance.
  • You pay a lot of attention to detail.
  • You have enhanced memory function – creating, storing and retrieving memories quickly.

This video from TED-Ed explains more specifically how playing an instrument can have such great mental benefits providing a more scientific approach to the matter.

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Are you a musician? Do you think you possess those skills mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comment section below…




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