How Relevant is Link Building to Your Business?


Organically growing your site’s search engine ranking is all about connectivity, quality, and utility. One of the best ways to improve connectivity with other sites is through link building.

Link building refers to the process of using site links to transition readers from one site to another. This is seen in everything from invitations to read other work in writer’s bylines, direct links to sources used in articles. While many SEO professionals debate the importance of these links, they all agree that it is a vital tool when trying to organically grow your search engine results. Here are some ways that link building can help you build your business::

It Attracts Readers From Likeminded Sites

By having a link to your site on material hosted on a similar site, you are saying to readers that they can expect similar content by visiting it. This can help reduce uncertainty by readers, allowing them to place trust in the content you are placing, both at the first site and your own.

This will enable you to shape the targeted demographic for your site, which in turn will both enable you to create better targeted articles, and to convince writers to approach you about creating content for your site. This will enable your site to become part of a grand chain of linked web pages, the sort that Google and other web search engines look for when determining where the highest quality content is located.

It Saves Money on Advertising

A high organic search engine result can save thousands in monthly advertising expenses. The reason is simple - most people click on the first five results that come back from a search request. Link building with quality sites allows you to tap into their hard earned reputation and receive a minor boost. When used in conjunction with other good practices, like producing high quality and unique content, your site will experience a natural boost in its ranking.

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. By utilizing link building, by taking the time to guest blog for other quality sites, it is possible to organically grow your own ranking. This will improve your sites rank, and help gain the end-user’s trust as they look for quality information and products to help them solve any issue.

It is Rarely Done Because it is Difficult

There is no set rule book when trying to successfully use link building to improve a site’s ranking. This means it is nearly impossible to determine how effective any particular link will be. It is even possible for a link to lower the sites ranking if it connects with a poorly maintained web page.

When approaching a site to use in a link building exercise, it is important to realize that this will be a long term relationship. Look at the site carefully, and determine if it serves the same market that you wish to target. Are the articles well written? Are they connected with other like-minded writers and sites? Is their high rank a result of organic growth or something caused by a temporary infusion of cash, and will crash the second the budget drops?

The best link building projects will be approached like a carefully crafted business deal. Make sure your site is as well prepared as possible and have a plan from the very start. Social media engagement, plenty of articles ready to go, and a well maintained site are all very attractive for anyone looking to partner with another site to increase their rankings. Remember - they will be looking at you with the same criteria that you have used with them.