How Social Media Can Help You Create Your Online Persona

Creating a likeable online persona to promote yourself as an expert in your field, or as a business to a target market, is essential because it gives you full control over how your online audience perceives your ‘brand’. The beauty of having this control is that you can manipulate an audience to see you in the best light to promote yourself or business from whichever angle you choose.

We all know that the power of social media can make or break a business, and it is understandable that so many people are taking social media marketing seriously. From the large multinational corporations to the self-employed fitness guru, they are all making the most of their online personas!

Why do I need an online brand?

Depending on how you present yourself, communicate your ideas, and represent your ‘brand’, all these factors will determine an outsider’s overall impression of you.

It’s great to have an online persona where you can create a world based on all your strong points, leaving out any of your weak points that may work against you in securing a job, or landing new business. You make people see exactly what you want them to!

As a business owner or someone working in an industry that requires ‘fans’ and ‘followers’, your online persona is one of your most important tools. It can help you to build a ‘fan base’ and more importantly, keep your fan base.

Your strategy…

If your goal is to have followers, (which is what social media was created for) then it is important that your audience feels respected, appreciated, and comfortable enough with your online persona to stay loyal. If you get to the point where your followers interact with you or contact you for different types of information, then you are on the right track!

Important factors to keep in mind when managing a fan base are:

#1 Stay real, and true to what you are representing online

#2 Always accept all opinions, good and bad. Be diplomatic with your responses and never rant publicly about a negative opinion.

#3 Always respond to your followers personally. There is nothing worse than an automated response to make someone feel like a number. Although this may be time consuming, it is worth your time and energy. 

#4 Give your social following what they want. Remember to respond to suggestions and ideas publicly. For example, one of my followers told me about something called ‘Laughter Yoga’, which I wasn’t familiar with prior to their message. I messaged them back telling them they inspired my next blogging post, then did my own research on the topic, and shared it on my blog for my other readers to enjoy.

Your aim is to show your audience that their ideas matter, and that you will indeed share them with other readers – this makes YOUR online world, THEIR online world too. This shows that you take the time to build a relationship with your audience which in return builds subscribers, fans, customers, even job offers!

Staying consistent in posting to your social media platforms shows your readers that you are committed, and that they can depend on you for new, updated information all the time.

Don’t be afraid to be extreme with whatever it is you are trying to portray online. As long as you stay respectful to your followers, your feedback will mostly be positive and this online Persona can work as a great outlet for whatever passion or business you have.

These are just a few starter points to creating your online Persona but I will be posting a lot of great advice for you based on my own personal experience with my “Health & Fitness Motivator” online persona!

Feel free to contact me (see how I am doing this?) with any questions or other tips you think are important to share on this topic! I am forever learning new things from my followers. Social media really is a never-ending world of information!