How Technology Impacts Your Life [Video]

You know you have a problem when your gadgets are actually causing you physical pain. However, this is happening to an increasingly large number of people. According to Chiropractor Dr Julie Foster, it is happening because people are spending too much time looking down at their media devices, without realising how it is affecting their health.

In this video from BuzzFeed, Foster explains the symptoms of ‘text neck’, a condition that affects everyone the same no matter their age. Text neck is essentially the neck pain you get from having bad posture while you are on mobile devices. It’s an issue that highlights how much technology impacts our lives and overall well-being.

Technology also seems to be causing mental health issues. It disconnects you from the rest of the world – even though it supposedly aims to bring you closer to others. With all that digital power being exchanged around the world, the BuzzFeed team can’t help but wonder what kind of legacy would we leave behind if everything about us is stored online? Now that’s a very good question…

How do you think that technology impacts your life? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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