How The Concept of Marriage Has Changed

Marriage solemnises a union and a legal agreement between two people where rights and obligations are equally shared between the partners. Marriage has been defined in various terms in different cultures and given importance. But times have changed now.

Earlier marriage concept

  • During earlier days, people were committed to each other. You could see them taking vow at the time of marriage for long term commitment and lifelong togetherness.
  • There were more of arranged marriages especially in the Asian subcontinents where mariages are fixed by parents or elderly ones.
  • There is a common belief that arranged marriages do lead to a long term relationships. There is always a taboo on love or having girlfriends or boyfriends.
  • But youngsters have decided to break from the olden customs and traditions and have decided to choose their own partner. In short, they prefer love marriage that gets fixed to an arranged marriage.

 Today’s marriage concept

  • Today’s generation has changed the whole concept of marriage.
  • They  believe that it is not wrong in choosing their own life partner, after all it is their life and they have the right to choose their way of life.
  • In many cases, there has always been a conflict between parents and children on this issue. This has been one of the reason for the cause of a generation gap among youngsters and parents especially in the Asian countries.
  • In  the West, love marriage has been well accepted by the people. The reason has been the varying culture between the developing and developed countries.
  • Nowadays marriage is never a long term commitment. You could find people getting married and split within a year. The reason has been many, such as ego problem between the partners, no freedom given by the husband to the wife, thinking mentality of couples, career development for women, no love happening between couples and much more.

 How the concept of marriage has moved on

  • Nowadays, the institution of marriage has been no longer a long term commitment.  There have been cases where couples find it difficult to live together and have ended their relationship (short term or long) term in divorce.
  • Mutual understanding which was seen in earlier generation have been missing in today’s generation couples.
  • Some youngsters do not prefer to be bound in a commitment like marriage and have choosen a different path like live in relationship. Couples live together without having any commitment.
  • Getting into such form of relationship is easy as you can leave your partner anytime without getting into any legal hassles. Legal hassles are really time consuming in a marriage.
  • The need for sex is always there regardless if you are married or in a live in relationship.

Live in relationship is really picking up and has moved to developing countries where people still consider it as a restricted thing. People start up being friends and once they feel they are able to adjust and live together move to live together and start sharing their happiness and sadness.  They feel that a marriage could end up this new world that they have set up.

With the emergence of new industries, new jobs have come to the scene. Women are taking interest in building a career of their own. Women do not wish to remain under the shadow of men and are looking to stand equal to men and build a life of their own.  No more women are confined to four walls of home or take care of children. Today’s generation women are looking for life outside the house where they wish to learn and earn and climb the corporate ladder.

The institution of marriage has really changed since the last 40 years. From the divine and holistic tradition to a not so important aspect of live, people have changed their thinking and concept. A day will come when marriage will no longer be a necessity to one’s life and people will opt for an open relationship without any wedlock scenario.

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