How the Office Cafeteria Affects Employee Productivity


There are days when you are not so energetic in the office. You may feel tired and your productivity may be going down. Ever wondered why?

Well, there are many reasons associated with this. One of them could be your office cafeteria. It may not be because of those tempting cheese pasta, packaged juices, mayonnaise sandwich, coffee or tea that keeps attracting you towards the cafeteria. But in could be because of your unhealthy eating pattern. Your bid to intake refined carbohydrates and greasy foods can affect your energy level and work productivity.

Yes, you can reduce your stress levels with some of these eateries, thanks to a combination that produces serotonin. On the other side, you will be compromising your level of energy and mental sharpness.  

Your office canteen does not just fill in your stomach but your mind

Office cafeterias are no longer treated as a place for eating alone. They are the ultimate stress relievers for people in the office. It is also a place where workers can interact with ease. Office canteens can help employees be healthy and fresh. Few employers also offer cuisines for free as it provides a sense of feel-home for workers. Many employers believe that their productivity can be increased by offering healthy and tasty foods.

Most organizations believe that in-office canteens can enhance productivity as it cuts down the time an employee spends for going out in search of refreshment. An in-office cafeteria obviously increases daily work-hours. Corporate professionals don’t deny the fact that some of the best office ideas emerge in non-work places like the cafeteria.

Google and Facebook offer the best cafeterias in the US

The latest trend in keeping up with employee-employer relationship is to provide sustenance. Many companies do this. According to Glassdoor, Facebook and Google make it to the top list of companies that provide very good cafeterias. The result is derived by the job site after asking employees to anonymously rate companies, based on the best cafeterias.    

In Finland, office canteen offers healthier food

Office canteens in Finland are a bit different. A study by Finish National Institute of Health and Welfare showed that employees who had their lunch in the office cafeteria were having more vegetables and fruits than the ones who brought food in packed boxes. The former were healthier, thanks to their healthy food intake. Food offered in the canteens met national nutritional guidelines.

A US-based research by the Society of Public Health Education revealed that the maximum source of food, employees brought to office was fast food. The research also showed that if workplaces could provide healthy food, employees would be making healthier choices.

The wisdom of having lunch in the office cafeteria hugely depends on the quality of food items in the menu.

So, how can you help your employee enhance their mood and work efficiency?

By now, you would have probably guessed it right. Being cautious about your own eating pattern and the food offered in your office cafeteria, is one of the best ways to increase your energy and work productivity.

Reduce your tea/coffee intake

Avoid rushing to the cafeteria every hour for a cup of coffee. Studies show that high intake of caffeine (350 mg or more) on a work day can be a powerful diuretic, causing employees to go to the restroom often. This in turn causes dehydration zapping performance.

Whether you bring food to the office or buy food from your workplace cafeteria, choose iron-rich food and leafy vegetables as they are good for your health and long-time energy sustaining.   

As an authority, you shouldn’t be ignoring the positive effects of having an employee-friendly cafeteria. As detailed above, having a friendly cafeteria with great atmosphere will not only provide a relaxing environment for your employees, but will increase your business productivity. Your employees will be fit mentally and physically, helping your business and productivity.