How to Achieve Work Life Balance as a Single Mom

Are you a single mom? How well do you think you manage your work life balance? What do you think could be improved? Check out these tips to find out !

The more time you spend building a great career, the less time you have for your personal life, family and children. The ideal work-life balance seems almost so close that you can taste it, and all you need is just to work less to get your life in order. But when you try to do this, some urgent call or emergency always ruins your plans.

The situation is worse if you are a single mother. The struggle between the different identities of a single working mother is tough. A single woman wants to find love, an ambitious person wants to achieve great results and earn a lot of money, and a loving parent tries to spend as much time as possible with their child. Here are some guidelines on how to make all these identities live in peace and harmony.

1. You're Only Human

young mother with little child sit at the dining table

First, the most important thing is to admit that you cannot manage everything alone without any help. Even if you can, the price will be too high. A lack of ‘me time’, exhaustion, stress, and depression will be the result. Your number one goal is to have reliable people to help you. It can be your relatives, neighbors, friends and even single parents from the local community. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. They babysit your child in the evening when you are asked out on a date by your e-pal from the dating site and lend a hand in case of an emergency.

2. Look After Your Health

family sport, happy active mother and kids jogging outdoors, running in forest

Second, you need to take care of yourself. As you are the head your family, your health is crucial. Looking after your health doesn't just mean regular visits to doctors (but, that is necessary). It means to eat properly, sleep enough, exercise and just enjoy your life. Although they are simple rules, it's incredible how often they are ignored. Your body will not withstand hardship too long and will react sooner or later. Indeed, it is much cheaper to follow them, rather than to get sick, lose your job and pay off big hospital bills.

3. Enjoy Life

trendy modern mother on a city street with baby

Enjoying your life and cherishing every moment spent with your child and loved ones is another recipe for achieving balance in your life. Life is not only working, raising a child and daily routine. Your single status is not set in stone. There are still so many things to discover and so many people to meet.

Of course, if you spend evenings and days off on the sofa in front of the TV set, your chances are low. Check out online dating sites; go to the park, museums and music festival. Take your child and go on the road. It would create great memories and be good fun for both of you. If you are not fond of an active lifestyle, set aside some time to spend on your hobby or just visit a spa.

By following these simple recommendations, you’ll be able to find harmony and balance with yourself, and all the parts of your life will function fluently.