How to Be the Most Likeable Person in the Office

Being a likeable person at work definitely has its benefits. This means that you’ve a lot of friends at the office. Learn how you can become one here.

Do you want everyone at the office to like you? Do you want them to greet you every day with a smile and be the centre of attention at every work party? You may think that becoming more charming at work isn’t worth the effort or the time. But it has many added benefits for your career. Being likeable at the office, not only makes your workday more fun, but it’s also an excellent way to get ahead in your job.

Being more likeable means showing an interest in other people. It also means talking less about yourself and more about them. This piece of advice comes from Jane Anderson, a communications expert who spent over fifteen years teaching rapport building and connection in the retail industry. What Anderson found through her experience is that learning how to connect with people is crucial to success.

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If you want to be this person, here are a couple of simple tips that can make you seem more sympathetic to other people.

1. Be a Team Player

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A person who values teamwork and offers help whenever needed is always liked and appreciated. If you want your colleagues to like you, you need to show that you are a good team player and a person who encourages others to achieve better and give their best in everything they do. This kind of person celebrates other people’s success and has everyone else’s best interests at heart without letting their ego get in the way.

2. Give Compliments

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Giving compliments is a nice way to connect with other people because they are always welcome. People feel drained and get easily frustrated from the anxieties that life creates and a small compliment can change their mood instantly. Approach a colleague and say something nice about them even if it has to do with their haircut or a piece of clothing they wear. But, you have to be careful with this one because you don’t want to appear fake. Only give compliments when you mean them.

3. Ask Questions

asking questions

Questions keep the conversation going, so try to be more curious about other people. Ask them things about themselves and talk to them about what they are mostly interested in. Instead of just asking ‘how are you,' expand on that and ask ‘how did the presentation go’ or ‘what are their plans for the weekend.' Most people don’t ask these questions, but these will show that you care and make them feel more important.

4. Read People

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Anderson suggests that you try and read people, paying more attention to their body language, and more specifically to their micro expressions and eye contact. These non-verbal cues can tell you a lot about what the other person is thinking or feeling at any moment and can help you anticipate their needs and engage with them better. This way you are more likely to ask the right questions that will allow them open up to you and put their trust in you.

5. Smile More

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A smile can go a long way to making others feeling more relaxed and happy when they are around you because let’s face it; no one likes associating with grumpy or miserable people. Smiling also makes you look friendlier, and it’s highly contagious. If you smile at someone they are more likely to smile back and vice versa, so make sure you show your happy face more often at work.


Being liked by your boss and colleagues seems like a big deal, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Every person has their own personality, their own way of seeing things and can’t be judged for their opinions and values, except for their behaviour towards other people. As long as you are friendly and cooperative to your peers, you don’t have to be the most likeable person in the office.

Do you think your colleagues like you or not? Let me know in the comments section below…