How to Conduct a Group Interview

As the recruitment process can often be challenging, employers are advised to use different techniques in order to make the right hiring decision. One of these techniques is conducting a group interview, through which you are able to determine the team building and communication skills of potential employees.

This is an especially important technique for jobs that involve the individual to work in a team with other colleagues, such as marketing, and communicate effectively. The best way to monitor individuals working in team is through conducting a group interview. This can be following an interview with several individuals separately and then bringing them together in one interview.


Once you have determined the candidates who you would like to invite for a group interview, it is important to email them and propose at least two to three possible dates for the interview. This is important as it is likely that the candidates chosen are busy and have to work around the schedule you propose. After they email back their availability, the recruiter should see which date is most convenient for all the individuals thus beginning the preparation for the group interview.


When conducting a group interview, recruiters are advised to set aside a certain period of time that they should allocate to introducing themselves and the company. By providing the individuals with a short overview of the company and the job, you are informing them of what is expected of them and reiterating the function of the interview. Moreover, this gives the candidates the opportunity to calm their nerves before the interview formally begins. Many recruiters choose this time top describe the interview process and outline how the rest of the time will be spent during the interview.


After you have introduced the company and yourself, recruiters should try and establish the relationship between the individuals present for the interview. Quick introductions where the candidates introduce themselves to each other, providing some basic information and possible answering a question such as: “Where did you grow up?”. This will help bridge the gap between the candidates and help them shed some inhibitions, effectively demonstrating their ability to work in a team.


This is the main part of the group interview as it is where employers can evaluate and asses each candidates ability in teamwork and effective communication. The activity should be designed to accommodate both the skills and personality of the individuals in order to get the best possible results. Employers should observe how the interviewees communicate and respond to each other as this is a microcosmic situation of a workplace. The activity can be used to target skills such as problem solving, initiative and team work. Many employers use the activity part of the group interview to conduct a discussion to see the brainstorming aspect of the candidates.


After the activity and discussion have been finished, the recruiter will be expected to outline the rest of the interview procedure. This is an opportunity to thank the candidates for the time they put aside for the recruitment procedure. You should outline the how you will proceed to the next step and when the candidates should expect to hear from you.