How to Dress for Work [Infographic]

Finding the perfect outfit for work is difficult especially when there is no strict dress code. So how do you cope? This handy guide can help you out.

If your job doesn’t require that you wear a uniform, finding the right clothes to wear every day can be difficult. When you have the option to wear whatever you like, it’s often more challenging to find the perfect pair of shoes that goes with your trendy shirt and coloured trousers. So, what do you do?

According to this infographic created by PoundsToPocket, all you need is twelve different pieces of clothing to help you create a versatile work wardrobe. The secret is combining these pieces creatively to make different outfits that can help you look smart and fashionable. The infographic lists all the essential pieces of clothing and offers some great advice on workplace dress codes. Apparently, the classic outfit is always in fashion.

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Check out this infographic and find out how you can create the perfect outfits for work using just twelve essential pieces of clothing!

What do you usually wear at work? Let us know in the comments section below…




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