How to Ensure your Employees are Effectively Managing their Time

Time management problems often stem from work poor work habits, therefore it is important to analyze how your employees spend their time and assist them in effectively managing it. In any business, poor management of time will prevent that business from reaching its full potential. On the other hand, using time resourcefully avoids workplace frustrations and crises.

There are a number of ways that effective time management can be achieved, as outlined below:

Set targets

When delegating tasks, be sure to set targets for your employees by providing them with an exact deadline for when you would like the tasks to be completed. Be realistic in your targets: if it is a simple task, set an earlier target; if it is a difficult or taxing task, be sure to give the employee enough time to efficiently finish the job. If it is a number of tasks, list them in order of priority from the most important to the least. Make this a daily habit so that employees can be consistently working towards targets. Setting targets motivates employees to achieve their goals and gives them a realistic timeframe to work with.

Don’t overload employees with rigidly scheduled targets. Save some unscheduled time for last minute or unforeseen priorities.

Encourage breaks

Give employees regular breaks to enable them to process and absorb everything that they have been doing. Taking regular breaks will also instigate further ideas and put things into perspective. A break gives employees an opportunity to de-stress and switch off from whatever task they have at hand.

Working hour after hour non-stop is detrimental to anybody’s progress, and it is thus important to encourage your team to break for a few minutes once per hour. This will also enhance a flexible attitude within the working environment.


Motivate your staff to achieve what you need them to achieve. Use rewards to keep them focused and to ensure that they put in maximum effort into their work with passion and enthusiasm.

Review progress

Review employee progress on a regular basis in order to ensure that a consistent amount of work is being completed. This will help you to gauge whether targets you have set are realistic, or whether they need a review.

Avoid intimidation

Avoid tactics that intimidate your employees. Don’t watch them like a hawk or keep an obvious eye on them whilst they are working. It is undoubtedly important to keep track of employee progress but the above techniques can easily be adopted without having to be overbearing or dictatorial.




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