How to Handle an Interview with Multiple Interviewers

How to Handle an Interview with Multiple Interviewers

The prospect of job interviews can be unnerving and stressful for many people; however, job interviews are the most important part of successfully landing yourself a job. This is why potential employees need to prepare themselves for the different types of scenarios that a job interview can entail. You should also note that most high end job positions are interviewed by multiple interviewers, often referred to as a panel.

Acknowledge your interviewers 

In the case that you go for an interview and there are several people in the room to interview you, it is important that you acknowledge all of them and try to come across as confident. Some individuals tend to panic during job interviews; therefore, it is essential that you prepare for the situation where more than one person is interviewing you. Staying calm and exuding self-assurance will demonstrate that you can handle a high-pressure situation with a positive and professional attitude.

Once you have entered the interview room, shake hands with everyone, and try remembering each interviewer’s name as they are introduced; this can be useful during your interview as you answer questions. A quick tip is to clarify any name confusions beforehand to prevent an awkward situation where you refer to the interviewer with a wrong name – if you don’t remember it, don’t use it! Having a pen and notepad during the interview ensures that you can jot down important information that is exchanged during the course of the interview. Write down the interviewers name if it helps, however, be careful that they cannot see this.

Eye contact is key

During the interview, it is important that you maintain eye contact with the interviewer. In the case that you have several interviewers, looking at each of them while answering questions will keep them focused on your responses. It is essential to acknowledge all interviewers in the room; remember each interviewer is there for a reason, so be sure to make a good impression all round!

It is recommended that you take several copies of your CV with you in the event that each interviewer asks to view it; this will reflect positively on you as it shows you are prepared. Additionally, it provides the interviewers with a chance to refresh their memory in regards to your experiences and educational background.

Be relevant, to the point and informative

During your interview, it is advisable to keep your responses as relevant as possible, not going off point and remain focused on what the interviewer is asking you. If you are uncertain, ask for clarification and then proceed. Being confident and focused will show the interviewers that you can perform well under pressure and stress.

After the interview is over, thank all the interviewers by shaking their hands. Most of the time they will give you their business cards therefore you can email them a thank you note after your interview. This will show them that you are enthusiastic about the job role and grateful for their time in seeing you.