How to Impress in An Executive Level Job Interview

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Being thoroughly prepared is of essence for someone who wants to impress in an executive level job interview. There are a number of techniques that candidates can adopt in order to help them stay calm, do their best and make a positive first impression.

Below are some tips to follow in order to enhance your chance of achieving employment success:

Conduct research on the company

It is imperative for executive level applicants to conduct in-depth research regarding the recruiting company. They should go through the company website and study it meticulously in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations. It is also useful to search for the company on the internet, find out who their competitors are, and even look for consumers’ comments regarding their experience with the company. Moreover, they should study the latest trends in the industry that the company is operating in and identify future opportunities.

Practice your answers

Applicants should practice answers to anticipated questions. Usually, candidates for executive positions have the necessary experience to know what is typically asked during interviews of this nature. However it is always important to be prepared for the tougher questions. Candidates should put themselves on the other side of the desk, and think what they would be asking the applicant if they were the interviewer. It is wise to make a list of all the questions you would want to know from a prospective applicant and prepare detailed answers to all these questions.

During the interview

Candidates should display confidence throughout the interview. They should enter the interview room by offering a firm handshake with a smile to all people involved in the procedure. Moreover, they should be mindful of their body language, stand up straight and maintain direct eye contact with the interviewers throughout the process. Interviewees should wear proper business attire and look very professional. Men should wear dark-colored suits and a tie, while women should wear elegant skirt suits or dresses.

Demonstrate your suitability for the job

It is imperative to match your skills and abilities with the job requirements. You should highlight your achievements, experience, strengths and attributes that are considered favorable for the specific position. Moreover, you have to demonstrate that you have extensive industry knowledge and specialized technical skills. Studies indicate that the main attributes of executive-level candidates that are most highly regarded are:

  • Verbal communication skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Confidence
  • Negotiation skills
  • Pleasant personality
  • Dynamic team players
  • Diplomacy and persuasiveness

Meticulous preparation is the key to a successful interview. If you conduct the necessary research, prepare your answers in advance, look your best, and demonstrate that you are the most suitable candidate for the position in the most efficient manner, the chances are that you will be successful in getting the job.




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