How to Make Your Workday Fly By

If you swear you never, ever glance longingly at the clock, then you’re a liar (sorry). Even if you have your dream job and absolutely love it, you definitely experience slow times at the office. We all wish time would pass faster, especially on days when we’re exhausted and overworked, which sometimes feels like every single day. You probably wish there was a way to make those days pass like no problem at all. Guess what? Today is your lucky day. Read on to find out how to make your work day fly by. You’ll never watch the clock again.

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1. Do Something You Love Early in the Morning

Even the best jobs can feel like a total drag sometimes, and that’s usually because we’re not doing what we want to be doing every moment of the day. Why not do something fun the second your butt lands in your desk chair and you turn on your computer? Develop a pitch for your dream project. Listen to your favorite funny podcast while answering emails. Alternate doodling in a notebook while getting to work. If you spend the first hour of the day doing something that you love, you’ll feel super inspired for the remainder of your workday, and at least the first hour will fly by – that’s good, right?

2. Split Your Workday Into Two

Okay, so it’s already basically split up for you – the morning when there doesn’t feel like there’s enough coffee in the world, and the afternoon when you’re trying to ignore your chocolate cravings. But you can set up your workday in a different way, one that’s destined to make the hours pass super fast. Consider the morning hours your “alone time” – for brainstorming, organizing, etc. Then consider the afternoon your “people time” – for meetings (since meetings typically fall in the afternoons), client phone calls, client meetings, that pow-wow with your boss that you’re dreading. It’s just another way of viewing the workday instead of thinking of it in terms of 9-to-5 which can feel like a super long time.

3. Swear Off Social Media

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I know you love your Instagram and Twitter but, unfortunately, social media is a total time suck and it’s more about wasting time than passing it. Sitting on Facebook will only make you think about how much more time at the office you have left and you’ll only wish you were sitting at home relaxing. Stop checking these sites during work hours and you’ll have more time to focus on your actual workload – you’d be surprised at how much faster the day will go by when you can be productive.

4. Actually Take Your Coffee Breaks

If you get them, that is. Not every employer will give you two coffee breaks a day. In Canada, for example, coffee breaks are definitely not required but your boss could split your half-hour lunch break into two smaller breaks. Every place of employment is super different when it comes to whether you’re allowed an official break to enjoy your caffeine. If you get these breaks, why not take them? Taking some brief time away from your desk and your workload will definitely make the day go faster.

If you’re not given any official breaks, don’t worry – you don’t have to give up the benefits, both in terms of your emotional health and the fact that coffee is delicious. Every few hours, take five minutes and walk around the office or slip outside and quickly get some air. Once a day, preferably in the afternoon when you really need a boost, treat yourself to a holiday-themed latte from Starbucks.

5. Say "Yes" to Everything

In order to make the day pass super quickly, you need to inject some joy and fun into your workday. There are always things that you’ve asked to do or perks that you could take advantage of. Maybe you get an email from your manager asking if anyone wants some free baseball tickets. Maybe you’re asked if you would consider starting a new initiative at the office. Whatever it is, say “yes” and you’ll be so caught up in thinking about the new experience that the day won’t drag at all.

6. Switch Up Your Lunch Break

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You don’t need to spend another lunch hour scarfing down a boring tuna sandwich while checking Facebook. You do that every single day. Let’s change it up.

You have three options: run an errand, call your best friend, or organize a potluck. If you feel like getting out of the office, take half an hour and head to a nearby store, post office, or grocers. Basically, run whatever errand that has been on your mind, begging you to just get it done already, and you’ll be surprised by how fast the rest of the afternoon will feel afterward. It’s all about doing something different. If you’re feeling lazy but in need of some social time, do a lap around the block and chat with your BFF. You’ll return to your desk energized and in a much better mood, and will be more productive for the rest of the afternoon. Finally, if you want to bond with your coworkers and shave some time off your afternoon, organize an office potluck. It can be themed or not, it’s your choice, but everyone will definitely appreciate the break, and you might even get away with taking everyone away from their desks for an entire hour.

7. Procrastinate

Sure, you probably think that procrastination is never a good idea, but it’ll actually help your workday move super fast. When you realize it’s 3 pm, and you’ve been putting off that super important project or assignment all day long, you’ll freak out and get your butt into gear. The last two hours of the day will fly by because you’ll be paying close attention to what you have to get done instead of staring at the clock. It’s a winning strategy because you’ll not only kill your afternoon but get your work done, too.

8. Do Something Scary Every Hour

We’re all afraid of something or someone at the office – our bosses, public speaking, failure. That’s normal. But if your goal is making time fly by, you can take total control of your fear and do something every hour that is pretty terrifying. At 10 am, for example, ask your boss if there’s any extra work you can do today. At 11 am, ask that mean coworker to grab after work drinks. You get the picture. These will serve as mini-goals that will give you something to think about as the hours pass by, and since they’re all something that you’re scared of, you’ll be interested and totally in the moment.

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Wondering how you could possibly make the workday move faster? Tired of feeling bored and staring at the clock? Your days of wondering and wishing are over. Now that you know how to make your workday fly by, you have all the tools you need at your disposal to have the best, fastest day ever.

How do you get through a slow day at work? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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