How to Mentally Prepare for Working Life

You graduated from university a couple of months ago, and you are currently enjoying your reckless summer vacation with a carefree attitude. Don’t we all love this part of our lives? Unfortunately, reality hits you, and this means your first real job.

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All you need to do is be aware of a few things, and you'll be fine. Here are five things to mentally prepare you for working life.

1. Get Into an Good Sleeping Pattern


Let’s be honest here; before becoming a young professional, you always woke up at midday, right before going for a coffee with friends, shopping or to the gym. But, this will no longer be your lifestyle. So, a couple of days before you start work it is better to train your body to fall asleep earlier. Yes, you might not be getting 8 hours of sleep every night, but at least you will try to make your body used to this new time-schedule. This way you won’t feel like a zombie during your first week.

2. Plan as Much as Possible

Whether that is planning your lunch every day, or having a detailed outfit plan for the week, you need to do it now before you start working. Yes, I agree with you, no one enjoys creating lists or organizing before they need it, but trust me, you need this especially for your first professional week - your nerves can be lessened at least a bit if you plan properly.

Make sure you plan out your commute - how long does it take to get there? You don’t want to be late on your first day of work, right?

3. Do Your Homework


Do you remember the extensive research you had to go through before your interview? Well, you need to do the same thing before you start working at the company. Read all about the company’s news or any other international or national news related to your job sector or area in which you will be working. Do some research on potential lunch spots or other local attractions to have something to talk about once you arrive, too.

4. Calcualte Your Budget

You're a real adult now; you need to start working out your budget. How much do you need to save? You can start off by making an excel spreadsheet to calculate your monthly expenses such as bills, rent, food, travel or even socializing. No-one said it’s fun being an adult.

5. Enjoy Some Me-Time


Transitioning from university to work is going to be a big shock. But, now that you’re life has changed drastically don’t forget to give yourself a break, too. Yes, you can’t wait for weekends or annual leave so you can enjoy yourself, you should always try to sneak in a bit of me-time on the weekdays too.

Watch trash T.V while in your pajamas, eat ice-cream straight from the tub or sit on the couch and do nothing.

Are you ready for this big change? Share your thoughts below…