How to Survive When Your Work BFF Quits

Having a friend at work is one of the best things in the world . But, what happens when they decide to leave you ?! This is how to cope without your BFF.

It can be difficult to handle the fact that your best friend at work quit his/her job. This means that you are left with no one that you can talk to about your problems and concerns, and this can make you feel lonely and depressed. But, there are many things you can do to make sure that you will survive at work even without your BFF.  

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Here’s what you can do to survive at work when your work BFF has left you.

1. Find Another Buddy

women talking at work

Everybody is different so there is no way you will find the same personality in another person, but that’s a good thing. Part of the joy of meeting new people is the fact that you get to experience and learn new things and look at the world through someone else’s eyes. So it doesn’t matter that your best friend at work quit his/her job, you just need to find another person to have fun with. How hard can it be?

2. Put Your Mind to Work

two people working

Some of the things you are missing now that your work BFF left is gossiping and talking nonsense during tea breaks. No matter how good this made you felt, perhaps it’s time to put your mind to real work and forget all about it. This will make you feel like you are contributing more meaningfully and that you are more productive than ever before. While I am not implying your work buddy was a barrier to your success, this is the time to focus on carrying out your job the way your boss expects you to.

3. Look for Other Things to Do

buddies working out

Before your work buddy left you, you two used to meet during lunchtime, but now what can you do at that time? How can you use this time productively and still have fun? Instead of staying at the office, you can go out and have lunch so that you take your mind off work stuff and relax for a bit.

You could call up your old BFF to meet up, go there with another colleague so that you have a chance to get to know each other better or even go for a walk. There are just so many things you can do.

When your work buddy quits his/her job, it can be devastating for you. In time, though, you will see that life goes on, and there are always better things coming your way. Put your mind to work and find other interesting things to do and keep work fun!

Have you ever lost your work BFF? How did this make you feel and what did you do about it? Let me know in the comments section below…