How to Transform Your Office Into a Creative Workplace

Is your office a dull and boring?Don't you wish it would encourage creativity instead of stifle it? It is possible! Tips to make your office creative!

Apart from those entrepreneurs, who choose the so called less trodden path, you will find most people have regular jobs. But, you will find few professionals who love their offices! For the majority of them, the biggest motivation to come to work is to get paid. The main reason for this apathy towards the workplace is the monotony, drabness and lack of diversity. But, some companies take note of this and they make an effort to transform the office into a place that employees enjoy. We have provided a few tips that can be used to transform your workplace into a creative area that keeps employees motivated and happy:

1. Colors

woman coloring artbook

Using colors the correct way can be really helpful in transforming the ambiance of a workspace. MNCs like Google have used bright colors to create an energetic and inspiring atmosphere in the workplace. This is because specific colors play a role in evoking certain emotions in human mind. Using small amounts of bright hues like Orange and red in the workplace can be helpful in energizing employees.

But, red should be used in moderation since it can incite aggression when used too much. Using yellow is also a good idea in a workspace as the color helps to boost self-esteem. Such hues should be used in conjunction with muted or contrasting tones. Using green and blue in the workplace usually has a calming effect on the nerves, and they are best suited for high-stress environments like health centers.

2. Variety

Who doesn't love variety! It is better if you can offer employees variations and choices in various aspects of the workspace. For example, you can think of introducing a variety of foods served at lunch or snacks. Having a cafeteria or canteen at work is nothing new, so you might want to consider hiring a local caterer to provide a variety of different options to your employees. Some companies also offer organic food choices for employees who are health conscious. Introducing a relaxed dress code can also help employees stay calm and feel good at the office.

3. Nature

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Having a bit of nature in the workplace can help make employees feel good and somewhat liberated. For example, you might want to consider using natural light around the office instead of using artificial light. Using rooftop garden or a well-maintained landscaping is another option.

4. Infrastructure

Infrastructure related hassles and limitations can also hinder productivity and creativity in employees. Employers should take necessary steps to resolve such loopholes and hurdles in the workplace. For example, upgrading the internet access and providing both wireless and wired options lets employees work more flexibly. Also, having an adjacent gym and indoor game playing options at the office allows employees to deal with stress more effectively, unwind and helps boost their productivity.

5. Engagement

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Engaging with staff on aspects related to the workplace improves their professionalism and keep things more manageable. For example, you can invite input and suggestion from employees for decorating the office for Christmas or an upcoming theme party. In fact, some companies also ask for suggestions about improving the workspace from the employees.

Apart from these methods, you can use many other techniques to make the office a more lovable and creative place for employees. Thinking out of the box can help you get some unique ideas for this.

Do you have any other tips to help improve the office to make it a more creative space? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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