How Well Can You Hear? [Video]

As it turns out, there are many things that you don’t even know about your body and, more specifically, your ears. Having taken your hearing ability for granted, you wouldn’t expect that, as you age, your hearing starts suffering considerably. According to the science behind hearing loss, your hearing ability can actually diminish to the point where you can no longer determine higher level frequencies. Thus, it’s only natural that you experience extensive hearing loss as you get older and, as such, there will be many sounds that you won’t be able to hear.

This video from BuzzFeedBlue explains how this works and goes deeper into analyzing how you can determine your own hearing range. They even give out some other cool facts about your ears as well as handy tips to help you discover how your own voice sounds to other people. Check it out!

So, how well can you hear? Are there any sounds you suspect you cannot hear anymore? Let me know in the comments section below!