How Well do you Know Yourself?

How well do you know yourself? Can you describe yourself in just 3 words? Answering this kind of question is a very difficult task to do, that’s why most of us rely on the advice of the experts out there and of course personality tests. In fact, many personality tests have proven to be relatively effective in identifying the key characteristics that describe – or are at least relevant to our personality type. But how accurate are they?

Personality tests can actually determine certain characteristics of your personality and can give you an idea of where your talents may lie, provided that you give out sufficient information about yourself, your qualities and interests. 

This video from BuzzFeed Blue argues over the accuracy of horoscopes, palm readers and personality tests claiming that they fail to represent us effectively.  The video describes a situation where four people are asked to complete a personality test providing basic personal details – date of birth, city of birth and favourite colour.  

Check out this interesting video to see what happens next and learn how online personality tests – as well as horoscopes, in this case, can change the way we see ourselves.

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