How Well Do You Think You Know Samsung? [Infographic]

Everybody owns electronic devices from Samsung and use them every day though we don’t know much about the company. How much do you know about Samsung?

Samsung is one of the largest brands on the planet; they produce a vast range of products including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, ships, tanks and many more. It’s quite likely you are using one of their products right now, even if you don’t know it. But how much do you know about this popular South Korean multinational?

Samsung was not always the massive corporation we know today; it had humble beginnings. It began as a grocery store in the 1930’s, before moving into insurance, securities and retail in the 1950’s and electronics in the 1970’s. It was long after the first Samsung computer was built in 1983 that company sales massively increased and made it the behemoth we know today. This amazing infographic from TufiTech tells you all you need to know about Samsung explaining the evolution of the company through time as well as some of the different subsidiaries and affiliated businesses that it owns.

If you want to learn more about Samsung and hopefully one day get a job there, have a look at this infographic to help kick-start your research.

What do you currently know about Samsung? Is there anything we need to know that isn’t on the infographic? Let us know in the comments section below…