How Your Hobbies can Give you an Edge When Applying for a Job

When writing your CV, there are some obvious areas to include. Your education and experience are typically crucial, as well as skills and your core objective. However, hobbies and interests are often put on the back-burner. They’re often viewed as less vital information. In reality, they can paint a vivid picture for the interviewer.

Although you may not think that your hobbies matter in terms of your career, they can play a large role in the hiring process. There are so many hobbies that provide individuals with an upper edge. The hobbies that you enjoy and excel at, often tell a lot about you. Certain aspects take high levels of dedication, while others are dependent on an eye for design. There are many ways that a hobby can set you apart.

How Your Hobby Can Help You Get Hired

We all agree that skills, education, and experience are extremely important. However, if an employer is trying to decide between applicants, your hobbies and interests could work in your favour. When included on your CV, they can also ignite a conversation, so that the employer can get to know your personality in detail.

When representing yourself, you want to stick out from the crowd. How are you unique? This is what employers want to see. There may be three applicants that all have impressive background experience; which leaves you on an equal playing field. You want to rise above the competition, so focus on hobbies and interests that increase desirability.

We all have basic hobbies that we enjoy. When listing hobbies on your CV, be aware of how these hobbies compare amongst the crowd. It’s easy to list football, art, and cooking as your hobbies, but they’re simply not descriptive enough. How do you take your hobbies to the next level? How could these hobbies benefit your work environment or career? The following are some of the best areas to focus on:


There are many individuals that write and blog as a hobby. To you, it may not seem worth mentioning, which is simply not the case. Writing and maintaining a blog requires skill. When you write or blog, this sets you apart in terms of your character, skills, passion, and abilities.

Writing a blog can help you increase positive online presence. We’re living in a digital world, so experience with technology and social media is of growing interest. Your ability to write and engage an audience could help you get the job you’re looking for.

Volunteer Work

Although volunteering means no pay that does not mean that there’s a lack of experience. When looking for a candidate that can rise above and beyond skills and experience, volunteering is a valuable asset. Individuals that volunteer tend to be warm and motivated.

Volunteering is often associated with a specific cause. The end goal is generally to improve the lives of others, as well as the surrounding community. This looks great on a resume, as you are selfless in helping others. When you have a vast amount of volunteer experience, this shows desirable qualities to the employer.


There are some individuals that are highly skilled in computing. This is due to various hobbies that have allowed them to understand programming, as well as software. Computing skills are highly transferable, which makes them desirable to an employer.

If your hobby has allowed you to grow your computing skills, this will most certainly give you an edge. If you’re self-taught through your hobby, this will show your willingness to learn and develop. All that time you spent on computers in the past, may help you obtain your career.

Hobbies and Big Achievements

There are many hobbies that result in big achievements. If you’re achieving your personal goals, this is impressive to an employer. If your hobby is running, that is great. It shows your potential employer that you’re motivated, but it’s not very unique. If you said that you ran a marathon, this adds another level of achievement.

Whatever your hobby, how has it allowed you to achieve within your personal life? Are you an artist in your spare time? If you have had artwork exhibited in a gallery, mention this. It shows that you took your hobby to the next level. Without realizing it, you’ll be showing your potential employer a whole new list of abilities and traits.

When writing your CV, think about your hobbies section. How do those hobbies come across to your employer? How can you elevate your hobby list, showing that you have an impressive story to tell? The more ways you set yourself apart, while you display your accomplishments, the better.

Photo credit: Deviantart

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