How Your Mobile Phone Can Get You a Job


It seems that your smartphone can do it all! Apart from allowing you to check your emails, take pictures, read the news and record videos, your mobile phone can actually help you get a job. How? According to a recent MedReps’ report, the majority of professionals are using their mobile phones to search and apply for a job, a fact which makes job-hunting a lot easier and fun!

This article lists 4 ways you can use your mobile phone to land your dream job. Check these out:

#1 Download mobile job-search apps

The first step, towards getting a job via your smartphone, is downloading the necessary job-search apps! Currently, there are a variety of apps available for you that can help you search for a job, network with employers, construct your resume and help you succeed in your job interview! Check the following list of mobile apps available for iPhones and choose the ones that meet your needs:

#2 Receive alerts for job posts

Job alerts can help you stay up to date with job openings within your industry without the fear of overlooking your dream job. In this way, your smartphone acts as your reminder to help you keep looking for a job even when other activities in your life are distracting you from reaching your goal. Alerts also let you know when the right opportunity becomes available via email or text, which gives you an extra advantage over other candidates!

#3 Connect with employers on social media

Apart from job search apps, don’t forget you can also use your smartphone to connect with employers on social media. Instead of using your laptop or tablet, your mobile phone will become your next best friend if you download social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+. These apps can help you meet and interact with potential employers, build a network of recruiters and follow companies that you are interested in.

#4 Search and apply for jobs wherever you are

Did you know you can search and apply for jobs on the go? Apparently, many companies offer mobile versions of their website to allow jobseekers to view job adverts and apply for available positions. This could be very handy especially if you are out travelling! Also, with the right mobile apps downloaded on your smartphone you can work on your resume or even practice some interview questions before your big job interview anytime and wherever you are!

If you are currently looking for a job, consider learning how to utilize your smartphone effectively to help yourself discover jobs you are interested in and ultimately taking your career to the next level!

Have you ever looked or applied for a job using your smartphone? How did you find it? Let us know in the comment section below.