HTC and Samsung are Mocking Around: Is Mockery the New Tech-Business Culture?

The first thing you will notice in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is its size. Ironically, this sudden embrace of size can be compared to a sudden embrace of toupee on a bald man’s head. While this is something new for Apple, Android devices have been offering big screens for years.

Its mockery time

The Apple rivals are not shy of using this point to their marketing advantage. After Apple’s new iPhone 6 launch event, HTC and Samsung have taken to Twitter, to remind its customers what they have already been offering for many years – big sized phone screens. Samsung even resurrected one of Steve Job’s old quote about his opinion on big screens in smartphones.

In a press conference four years ago, Steve said few people would be interested in buying big phones. HTC on its part, mocked the big screen of iPhone 6 and has reminded buyers that its flagship phone – HTC One smarphone has been offering big screens as well as a premium metal design too.

Samsung did not miss a point. It made a mockery of almost every aspect of Apple’s Show. There were several ads released after that which were not only witty but made fun of Apple’s late developments.

Earlier, when few mockery ads were made, US spokesperson for Samsung in his statement said that the social videos could have been produced in Korea and so they are not part of the marketing campaign in US.

The Video Contents

But now Samsung America has released its own mockery video, not even sparing some members in the technology press. Samsung has smartly used the opportunity to remind many critics what they initially thought of Samsung Note. Some of the quotes in the video like “an unwieldy beast” and the comparing with toast were brilliantly made.

"Now it’s not being dismissed by competitors, it’s being imitated" - another quote in the video.

Which competitor is Samsung talking about?

The ad clearly and cleverly mocks Apple’s mere imitation. It was to show that Samsung’s new Note 4 is more productive and innovative than the iPhone 6.

In the video, Samsung also reverted to some of its observer’s tweets which said Apple is simply imitating some of Samsung’s age-old developments.

What’s the catch for the young and modern business people?

Gone are the days when you could concentrate on just your own business and show respect to your competitor/rival’s business. It looks as though controlled aggression is the order of today’s business. You have to keep an eagle eye on competitors and their developments.

Keep an eye on your competitor’s mistakes and possible weakness too. You might have to point them out to your audience, in order to show that you are better in a certain aspect.

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20 percent discount

But you might have to do this like a pro. Look at how Samsung neatly points out Apple’s imitation without actually mentioning the brand name.

Criticizing is not always bad. It does two important things – it points out the mistakes of your competitors and more importantly, it makes your presence felt. It shows in what way you are ahead of your rival. And that is an important part of any business. To be successful, show your buyers how you are better than your competitors.

Hope you have learnt this important lesson from the masters of business – Apple, Samsung and HTC.