Hypnotherapy to Relieve Pain Keeping You From Doing Your Work

Is persistent, lingering and debilitating pain keeping you from doing your work? How many days have you missed from work due to pain so unrelenting that the very idea of getting any work done is like a nightmare come to life? Whether your job requires you to stand on your feet all day or sit in a chair for hours at a stretch, when the body decides to revolt against such enforced conditions, it can put quite a big hurt on your income. Whether stay-at-home freelance writer or airline pilot, a steady income and job security can be put at risk when the pain becomes too overwhelming. Over the counter pain relievers may be ineffective, effective prescription drugs may be difficult to obtain thanks to too many recreational abusers and surgery may be too expensive.

Have you ever considered hypnotherapy to relieve the recurrent pain that is costing you sick days and shrinking your bank account? A lot of people who have been disappointed by what mainstream healthcare has to treat pain eventually come around to asking the same question. Does hypnotherapy really do anything to relieve pain? And if so, is that relief enough to get me back to working every day?  

The answer is yes, with a but. Yes, hypnotherapy can successfully get you back to work actually feeling like getting your job done. But only if your hypnotic state is induced by a licensed professional hypnotherapist capable of modulate your perceptions while you are under a trance. Hypnotherapy for pain relief can involve what is called is called deep hypnosis. That deep state of relaxation is usually necessary for the real purpose of this alternative form of treating pain: manipulating the very personalized experience of feeling pain.

Not all patients can expect hypnotherapy to provide comprehensive relief of pain. Nor are all types of pain equally served. In some cases, you may actually be table to get back to working at a level you can barely even remember using nothing but the power of hypnotic relaxation and suggestion. For others, the best that a hypnotherapist may be able to offer is reducing the level of your discomfort enough to allow those ineffective over-the-counter pain relievers to almost magically become effective. As for all those recreational users of prescription pain relievers ruining for the truly needy, hypnotherapy can even become an effective treatment for an addiction to the hard stuff.

If you remain in doubt that hypnosis could ever possibly beat old-fashioned pharmaceuticals for providing enough relief from protracted pain that is keeping you from doing your job well or even doing it all, check out some of the very interesting studies on hypnotherapy and burn victims. If you have ever so much as touched a hot burner on the stove, you know that burns occupy a very special place in the world of pain. You also know that if hypnotherapy can relieve the pain of third-degree burns, it warrants at least consideration to relieve your back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Image Source: Back Pain by The Wedding Traveler