Ideas to Make Extra Cash to Supplement your Income

If your employer has downsized and you find yourself unemployed, most likely you’re seeking ways to supplement your unemployment benefits. You may find yourself in an even worse position where your unemployment has run out and you haven’t been able to find another job. Maybe you found part-time employment, but still need to supplement your income. Things may seem difficult, but there is hope if you can think outside the box and find financial solutions.

Cater to Your Creative Side

  • Sell photos on Shutterstock. Sign up for free as a contributor. Add photos and start earning extra cash. They have 750,000 customers seeking royalty free photos.  
  • Turn your experience into profit by writing an ebook or paperback book through Amazon. It’s free to upload your book and there are many free avenues to market your work.
  • Start a blog through a free service like blogger or wordpress. With consistent effort, you can get traffic and start making extra money through ad services like Google Adsense.
  • Market yourself on fiverr where you can sell your services starting at $5.00. People offer marketing, writing, graphic design, music and audio, and other telecommuting services. 

Think Outside the Box

  • Sell your blood or plasma to the American Red Cross. You can make up to $35 per each visit and the time involved in giving plasma is usually an hour and 15 minutes.
  • Participate in clinical trials. You can check out the National Institute of Health database to find information on participating in clinical trials in your local area.
  • Recycle aluminum cans for money. Earth 911 has a recycling center locator. Enter your zip code and find a center near you for drop off or some pick up the items.
  • Enter sweepstakes. Wendy Limauge of Sweeties Sweeps has earned cash and prizes from sweepstakes. She offers a “Free Sweeping 101 Email Course.”
  • Take surveys with paid consumer and earn $25 - $75 per survey. Get paid $100 - $150 for your opinion in online and local focus groups at find focus groups.
  • Become a secret shopper with a group like secret shopper where you join for free, choose when and where to shop and aren’t obligated to take every assignment.
  • Join ebates and earn 30% back by shopping with Ebates at over 1700 online stores.  

Become Entrepreneurial

  • Become a virtual assistant for a local or online business. Find tips and assistance in starting your online career at the International Virtual Assistant Association
  • Start your own business. Find personal and affordable assistance at Legal Zoom to learn how to start and run a business. This option requires work and advice from others.
  • Join a direct selling company like ShakleeAvon or Pampered Chef. Some start-up costs are usually involved, but this is a good way to make extra money.    
  • Check out this link Odd Job Nation to find odd jobs and online work from home.
  • Do odd jobs in your neighborhood like cleaning houses, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, raking leaves, tutoring kids, babysitting, delivering newspapers, selling baked goods, walking dogs, pet sitting, giving rides to airports etc.

Downsize & De-clutter Your Life

  • Sell your old college textbooks back to your college bookstore or to Barnes & Nobles in their Textbook Buy Back Program. Click the link to enter your ISBN and get a quote. You’ll need at least $10 worth of textbooks to sell. They need to be in good condition.
  • Rent out a room in your home. You can also move into a smaller apartment while you make income renting your home. This article finding a rental management company provides advice. 
  • Sell unwanted items in a yard sale. Take left over items to a consignment shop. You get 50% of the selling price. The Budget Babe lists 5 online consignment shops to sell unwanted fashion items. Sell used items online on eBayCraigslist or Facebook.

There are many ways to supplement your income. It takes thinking outside the box to learn how to downsize and de-clutter your life to make extra cash. These days, people with an entrepreneurial perspective and those who cater to their creative side can go far in supplementing their income.


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