Identifying Toxic Colleagues That May Be Infecting Your Business

Did you know that there might be toxic employees working within your establishment?

These obstructive workers could be causing your business to lose out on its upstanding reputation or even its structuralism.

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An infographic created by online shoppers guide GetVoIP identifies these poisonous employees and what you can do to either deal with them or remove them from your workforce.

As shown by the infographic, these uncooperative workers include:

  • The Hot Mess: Someone who is passive, disorganized, and stubborn to change.
  • The Slacker: Someone who is usually unmotivated, late with deadlines, and absent.
  • The Martyr: Someone who overworks, overachieves, likes to work separately from the team, and needs constant admiration for his or her work.
  • The Socialite: Someone who is dramatic, overly flamboyant, always distracted, and unfocused.
  • The Sociopath: Someone who is a bully, manipulative, and has a problem with following orders.

There are a number of antidotes that could be used to cleanse your establishment from all workplace polluters.

Some of these resolutions involve:

  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Defining social times
  • Documenting bullying complaints
  • Conducting check-ins
  • Giving recognition and rewards

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As the boss, you want to decide for yourself which employee(s) fits into what category and if purging is the best route to go. Review the infographic more to figure out who may be causing havoc in your workplace.





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