Illegal Interview Questions to Be Aware Of

There are certain subject areas and interview questions which recruiters are not permitted to quiz you on and this is because they are considered ‘illegal’ and ‘discriminative’ in many countries around the world. As a job seeker in an employers’ market however, many are being subjected to illegal interview questions and feeling pressured to answer them in order to land a job.  

Subject areas that recruiters are permitted to question you about include:

  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Race
  • Nationality

Here are some of the most commonly asked yet illegal, discriminative and prejudice questions that you may be asked in an interview:

  1. Are you married?
  2. Where are you originally from?
  3. What is your nationality?
  4. Do you have plans to get married?
  5. Do you have children?
  6. Do you have plans to have children in the near future?
  7. Do you have Children?
  8. What childcare arrangements have you made?
  9. How do you feel about equality in the workplace?
  10. How much does your spouse earn in his/her job?
  11. How do you define sexual harassment?
  12. Have you ever files a sexual harassment lawsuit?
  13. Have you ever been divorced?
  14. How old are you?
  15. What is your religion?
  16. Do you attend church?
  17. Will you need time off for religious events?
  18. Do you have any disabilities that will inhibit your work?
  19. Have you ever abused alcohol or drugs?
  20. Do you have any debts?
  21. Do you own or rent your own home?
  22. Do you have life insurance?
  23. How much do you weigh?
  24. Have you ever had an eating disorder or mental illness?


There are many illegal and discriminative questions that recruiters ask, many of whom do not even realize that the questions they are asking are in fact inappropriate or offensive. You may find that the interviewer is unintentionally asking insensitive questions where as other interviewers may knowingly ask you illegal questions and be upfront about it. Either way, be sure to research your rights as an interviewee and never feel pressured to answer an illegal interview question. 




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