Importance of Research before Relocating

Before relocating overseas for work purposes, it is vital that you research the position and everything about the country. Preparation is key prior to relocation, otherwise you will be ill prepared and not in a position to succeed.

Before relocating overseas you will need to research many elements. Some important areas for research are outlined below:

Legal requirements

  • Visas and permits
  • Vaccines for family members
  • Shipping (and subsequent fees)
  • The payment of taxes for shipping your car
  • Vaccines and quarantines for pets
  • Health insurance

The exact paperwork, documentation and fees that you will be required to organize will depend on the specific country that you are relocating to. If you are a European citizen relocating within Europe, the requirements may be less stringent than if you were to relocate to an alternative continent. Researching such requirements before relocating is essential in encouraging a successful move.

Cultural aspects

Aside from the physical aspects, such as vaccines required and accommodation arrangements, you will also need to research the culture of the country that you are relocating to. Regardless of whether you are relocating to Europe, Asia or America and so on, it is vital that you research the specific culture of your new country in order to gauge a clearer understanding of their values and ethics, their social etiquette expectations along with other cultural patterns.

General living

Many people relocate overseas without researching important elements such as which number to call in an emergency or directions to the nearest hospital. In addition, it is important to learn how to register with the general hospital (if need be) and where to go for doctors/dentists and other important appointments. As an employee overseas, what are your maternity rights? Are you entitled to medical insurance? Such information is essential to learn prior to relocating.