How to Improve Twitter Marketing Results


Do you think you are an expert when it comes to Twitter? Have you managed to utilise the popular social media platform so that it effectively corresponds to your marketing agenda? Whether you want to promote yourself, your company or your work through Twitter, you will need to exploit the advantages of the platform successfully by increasing your followers, retweets and replies.

But how are you going to do that? This article offers four tips that can help you get the most out of your Twitter efforts. If you are interested, check the following Twitter recommendations:

#1 Pin a tweet to your profile

With Twitter, you now have the opportunity to use a pinned tweet on your profile that stays at the top of the timeline. This helps you communicate your important messages and helps you get more retweets for a specific tweet you wish to promote. This feature is actually very easy to use since all you have to do is select the tweet you want to pin, then click on the “dots” icon and finally select “Pin to your profile page”.  

#2 Tweet more links

One of the greatest advantages of Twitter is the fact that it allows you to include a number of links and hashtags on your tweets. This means that the power of Twitter is actually within those links and hashtags, so there is no need to engage in long conversations with your audience as you would on other social media sites such as Facebook. In this sense, your tweets should be concise and include more links than actual conversations. Obviously, talking to people will get you your first followers but won’t go any further than that since conversations are not what motivates people to follow you on Twitter.  

#3 Get help from Twitter influencers

In order to promote your content on Twitter, you need to get retweeted. This means that you will need to ask the right people to help you out, the Twitter influencers. When these people share your content, you get a major increase in the reach which, in this case, translates to social shares. So, the more Twitter influencers you get to retweet your posts, the more the shares you will get. Start from networking and developing relationships with Twitter influencers in your network and when you are ready to make big shares, let them know.

#4 Repeat article tweets

Never underestimate the power of multiple shares. Sharing your content multiple times on Twitter actually has its benefits. A study shows that a second tweet of an article that’s already being posted can get as much as 86% of the performance of the first tweet. So, next time you are sharing content, you don’t have to worry if that’s been seen before; instead, focus on sharing valuable information more than once. Try posting the same article a week after your first post, and prepare to be amazed by the results!

By following these four tips, you will find that you are spending less time on Twitter and, at the same time, getting a much bigger reward for your marketing efforts.

Have you got any other Twitter tips to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!




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