Improve your Happiness at Work!

Are you dragging yourself out of bed each morning filled with dread for the day ahead? Do you get home thinking about all the tasks you didn’t find the time to complete? Is your inbox overflowing with requests?

Try to turn your situation around by assessing the good things instead of automatically looking to the bad things. What in particular do you enjoy about your job? How can you make what you do even better?

Assessing your happiness in the workplace

Consider the three steps below:

             Improve your to-do lists
             Keep detailed logs of how you spend your time
             Prioritise your workload

Establish what it is that you truly dislike about your job. Is there a particular task that you dread doing because it’s so boring? Do you feel that you could push yourself further if you weren’t dragged down by menial tasks?

Be proactive in changing your circumstances. Though there may be aspects of your job that you enjoy, it is important to make changes to those that you do not.

Making changes to improve your happiness!

Write down a list of all the things that are bothering you at work, and speak to your boss about them. Perhaps he or she will be willing to help you delegate your tasks to those below you. This will help you to free up a little of your time and focus on the activities that you truly enjoy and thrive in, which will ultimately improve your happiness.

By improving happiness you will automatically improve your productivity levels, meaning that you have more time to get things done, rather than wasting your energy on feeling miserable.

Benefits of being happy at work:

·         Happy people work better with others
·         Happy people are more creative
·         Happy people fix problems instead of complaining about them
·         Happy people have a positive outlook
·         Happy people are more motivated
·         Happy people are good at making decisions