How to Improve your Posture at Work

They’re ever present no matter where you go. And they usually vary. Sometimes manifested through crippling headaches. Or your neck feels like it’s been slammed with a sledgehammer. Maybe your shoulders grind more than a late night at a hip-hop club. You’ve also had enough of your coworkers shouting SANCTUARY whenever you walk to the water cooler.

So what are these? Oh. Just some of the many day-wrecking symptoms linked to bad posture. If you have an office job spending long hours at a computer, it’s understandably easier-said-than-done to simply encourage healthy posture.

So I’ve included a few basic tips for you to put to use while you’re at work…


#1 Straight as a Board Every day Keeps That Nasty Hump Away.

 Whether you’re standing around or keeping your plump tuchus glued to a seat you must be conscious of how your body is positioned. If you’re standing, distribute body weight evenly in every direction (front, back, and sides of the feet). Align the ears, shoulders, and hips in a vertical line when sitting—preferably up straight.

#2 Don’t be a Stiff… Get up and Shake it.

 No. You don’t need to salsa. But if you’re in the middle of a 12-hour slough at work, then getting off your butt occasionally can do wonders. Sitting at the desk for hours tires muscles, paving the way for a lot of not-very-sexy slouching—which increases the pressure on your neck and back. So if you want to keep your body relaxed—yet supported—then change positions as often as you can.

Even if it’s just getting up every 30 minutes to stretch, stand and walk for maybe 2-3 minutes a t time.

#3 Be Aware… Be Very Aware…

…Of posture and ergonomics. No matter where you are. Once you are, you can work on developing effective posture and ergonomic techniques. If you’ve had a severe “my-back-is-freaking-killing-me” episode, be conscious of the potential ergonomic and posture culprits causing this.

#4  It’s not the Size of Your Feet That Matters—it’s What you Wear on Them.

 Ladies and gents… High-heeled shoes are the devil. Ok? They throw a monkey-wrench in your body’s center of gravity, causing your body to compensate the alignment. If your job has you standing a lot, then drop that leg on a foot rest (like an original gangsta), wear supportive shoe orthotics… or like a zealous gymnastics enthusiast, place a rubber mat on the floor and let the somersaults fly.

#5  Make Arnold Proud. Pump Some Iron… Then get to the Choppa!

Whether it’s a simple stroll around the neighborhood, laps around the pool or pedaling that bicycle a la Lance Armstrong, these exercises will keep your body aerobically conditioned. Throw in some weight-lifting (you don’t need to go overboard) to strengthen the muscles around your back.

So, basically, a balanced daily exercise routine contributes to maintaining good posture.  

#6 Gear up With Props and Ergonomic Office Chairs. Bruce Wayne Would.

 These props take the strain and load off your spine. Look into ergonomic office chairs with adjustable back support. Then bring that baby to work—let’s see if that one jerk makes a hunchback joke again.

And that's it! Just follow this advice and with a little bit of stick-to-it-iveness you'll no longer suffer from those dreaded symptoms. 

One More Thing...

SANCTUARY! ... Ok, I had to get that last one in. After you're done reading this, that joke may not apply anymore.