Improve Your Workplace Environment Through a Random Act of Kindness

Improve Your Workplace Environment Through a Random Act of Kindness

Being a considerate and friendly person doesn’t cost you a thing. You’re more than likely pleasant at work, respecting your colleagues. However, we tend to hear so much negativity regarding the workplace, that a random act of kindness appears to be rare.

Acts of kindness are contagious. If you can lift the spirit of one person, perhaps they will pass that feeling on. Doing something nice for a colleague can improve your overall work environment, making it a more pleasant place to be.


Ideas to Lift Someone’s Spirit at Work

It’s encouraging to know that there’s supportive, caring people around you. This is especially true within the workplace as some days feel as though they’ll be the death of you. The following ideas are random acts of kindness, spreading happiness throughout the office.

Grab Someone a Coffee or Tea

Perhaps you sit beside an individual each and every day. They’re focused on their work, so you do not have much time to converse. However, the other you were talking about your favourite teas. When you pick up your morning coffee, why not get your neighbour a tea they mentioned.

If you haven’t had a conversation like that before, just grab them a morning coffee when you grab yours. It’s a nice gesture. The same is true on a hot day. Did you go grab a water or juice? Why not grab one for your colleague as well.

Celebrate Friday

On a Friday, celebrate the end of the week with some treats you brought in for the office. Perhaps you baked some cookies. Not only can this be done to celebrate Friday, but it can be done to boost spirits on a Monday. You could also fill some candy jars and placed them around the office.

It’s not something that needs to be done all the time, but once in a while, offer to grab a few colleagues a drink on you. Friday is meant to be celebrated, so go for an after work drink. You may be surprised at the friendships your develop. Once you’re away from the stresses of work, you can have a more relaxed, fun experience together.

Volunteer Your Time

Has someone helped you out before? Perhaps you know a colleague that is always doing things for others. If you notice that they’re struggling to finish an assignment, volunteer your time. Ask if they’d like you stay a bit later with them in order to complete it.

This can mean the world to someone who is stressed out. It’s nice to know that you impacted someone’s day. If you reach out to people, offering help and assistance, you’re more prone to receive help when you’re in need as well.

Give Praise

As mentioned, being kind and caring does not cost a single thing. If you noticed that a colleague did well on something, congratulate them. If you’re in a management position, this most certainly applies to you. It’s great to be told that you’re doing a great job, especially if you’ve worked hard. This encourages employees to continue pushing for that standard of work.

Reach Out to a New Employee

It’s tough being the new kid on the block. Try and remember your first few days at work, what were they like? Think about how nervous you felt or what hurdles you overcame. Now, reach out to someone who is new.

A new job can sometimes make you feel isolated, so break that barrier for someone. It could possibly make all the difference. If you and other colleagues go for lunch often, extend an invitation. It’s nice to be asked and included.

Stop Gossip

A random act of kindness doesn’t necessary involve doing something, as you can also not participate in something. If there is gossip going around the office, think about how that is affecting the individuals involved. Instead of joining in, spreading the gossip around, speak up.

Not only do you not personally have to join in, but you can voice your opinion. Simply say something about the individuals involved, how it’s affecting them. Mention that gossip only dampens the workplace environment. Nothing good can come of it.


Random acts of kindness leave people feeling motivated, grateful, and inspired. Spread kindness around your workplace, boosting a more positive environment. When work is a more positive place to be, you’re able to enjoy your time there, while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Photo credit: TheVancouverSun