Improving Employability Through Skills


Once you have entered full time employment, career advancement becomes all the more important. It is vital that you engage in activities and acquire new skills in order to boost your productivity as well as increase your motivation to do your job well.

Learning new skills will get your further…

In addition to assisting individuals in career advancement, new skills can increase your prospects of being head hunted as well as being suggested for a promotion within the company you work for. The most rewarding and easily obtainable skills are transferable skills, that is, skills that can be applied to a number of different situations and jobs, thereby increasing your chances of being recognized in your industry. Individuals are advised to take every opportunity they are provided to obtain skills and apply them in their working life.

The basic issue is in regards to how an individual can gain valuable skills whilst being engaged in full time employment. To resolve this issue, individuals must consider the valuable skills they attain whilst they are at work - most of which are transferrable to any other job as well. Some of these vital skills that individuals can obtain are detailed below:

Communication: This is one of the most important skills to have in a professional environment. Make sure you communicate clearly and coherently to your colleagues, as communication is one skill that will be required in order to progress at work.

Project Management:  During your employment you will be provided with an opportunity to lead a team and manage a project by yourself. In order to successfully complete your task, you will have to effectively lead a team, conduct research, and show results to your superiors. Learning through experience in this case is extremely important as it allows you to build your character as well.

Organization: Planning your tasks and setting goals to be achieved within a certain period of time are all skills which demonstrate that you are an organized and valuable employee. Employees who are results-driven and have exceptional planning skills are bound to be recognized for their effort and determination to be successful.

Opportunities: Other than the usual skills that working in a professional environment entail, including teamwork, individuals should try to avail any opportunities in order to learn other skills. Any opportunity that you find that can possibly broaden your horizons and improve your employability should be taken advantage of, whether this is a motivational speaking class (useful for team leaders) or a computer software tutorial.