How to Increase Your Charisma in 5 Easy Steps

Charisma is an intangible quality which can be difficult to define. Some people might seem to have it naturally. You may have noticed that they have a quirky sense of humour that seems to attract others to them, or they seem more competent than they really are. Some, however, are genuinely interested in others and are warming, friendly and caring which makes them have appeal too.

Charisma is one of the most important qualities of a successful person. If you look at the successful leaders and entrepreneurs in business today, it is the one quality they all possess.



Read on to learn how to increase your charisma in 5 easy to follow steps.

1. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

By working on building your confidence so that you feel comfortable and happy with the person that you are, you will soon start to see and feel a difference. You might be secretly worried about being judged, especially if you are meeting people for the first time. Remember that if it matters so much as to what others think of you, this will be blatantly obvious to anyone you talk with. Becoming comfortable in your own skin is paramount.

Even in the highly competitive business environment people are not vindictive or deliberately hurtful. Most people want each other to succeed and be happy, and are prepared to help you. They’ll overlook your shyness, forgive a couple of stumbles and stutters, and treat you with compassion. To be confident, you need to fix any problems or self-doubts so that you can forget about being concerned and just be yourself. This will free up any natural charisma, which you probably have in abundance.

2. Maintain Good Posture

A huge part of being charismatic is about your body language.  If you are introverted and sitting huddled in a corner, worried about what your business partner might be thinking, this will only add to their perception that you are very unconfident and a lack of confidence isn’t appealing. Don’t sit with your arms folded as it translates as a barrier to any prospective partner. Don’t forget to smile, but never force it. Direct eye contact will make you appear confident and honest.

3. Use Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

You can use affirmations to help you to feel more confident or to help develop your natural charisma as they can be very powerful when used correctly. Simply, they are statements of intent that you can write yourself to make them much more individual and therefore powerful. You can use visualization techniques and meditation to help consolidate any self-improvements and by simply conjuring up the image of you looking happy and exuding charm. 

4. Speak Slow and Listen Carefully

If you are shy and nervous, you may be a tendency to mumble. The people who are naturally charismatic tend to speak clearly and distinctly. If you know that you talk too fast, practice slowing your speaking voice down just a little, until you feel comfortable with articulating the words.

During a business meeting focus not only on your own speech, but also on listening to others. Most attendees at networking events are basically waiting for the next chance to speak. Instead, listen actively, using eye contact, nodding and smiling, and spend the time thinking not of what you might say next, but what you might ask. Truly charismatic people always pay attention to what other people want to tell them.

5. Always Focus on the Positive Side

To be naturally charismatic, don’t worry too much about any negative elements; instead focus on increasing your good points. If you know that you have a great sense of humour, then allow that to shine through; if you know that you have a nice smile, then use it. Your charisma is probably hidden under layers of self-doubt and insecurities; all you need to do is to dig deep and release that charismatic appeal.

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To be truly charismatic, you need to be completely confident and not obsessed with how you look and act. If you are really worried about how you look for example, and your focus is on your hair, your clothes or any little flaws that you feel you have, then these anxieties will certainly detract from your confidence and will translate to the person you are speaking with.

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