How to Increase Your Value as a Creative Professional


A creative professional is an individual who is employed to cultivate creativity in an innovative fashion for a variety of employers. According to estimates, there are approximately 10 million US workers who are creative professionals. Some types of professionals in this field include the following: writersartistsgraphic designersinterior designersmarketing consultantsproduct developersactorstelevision personnel and scientific researchers. The AIGA has reported that “85% of employers concerned with hiring creative people say they can’t find the applicants they seek.” As a creative professional, there are certain things that you can do to improve your value to employers. This article will address several characteristics that, employers surveyed in the report, are looking for in creative professionals.

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1. Improvement of Communication Skills

As a creative professional, you are more likely to get hired and increase your value to your employer during employment, if you know how to communicate effectively. Creative professionals are tasked with creating whilst being able to disseminate that information to others in the workplace. Work on honing your written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills so that you can become an invaluable and irreplaceable employee.

2. Ability to Dig Below the Surface Level

Creative professionals need to be able to properly view facts and figures while trying to align those with the creation and the development of new ideas. In order to develop as a creative professional, you must be able to dig below the surface of what you see to gain a deeper insight into your innovative capacities. It is also important to develop spontaneity where you have the freedom to further develop ideas with a think outside the box perspective that goes beyond the details of the questions asked and issues presented.

3. Aptitude for Evaluating Theoretical Situations

Another characteristic that employers value in creative professionals is the ability to effectively evaluate theoretical situations. They need to properly assess these hypothetical scenarios and ascertain the hows and whys and creative solutions to these probable issues. During this process, employers expect that creative professionals will be able to correctly classify behavior patterns and prospective actions resulting from the implementation of the creative ideas, products or creations.

4. Propensity to Deal with Perplexity

Creative professionals have to deal with situations in the workplace where there is no definitive answer or solution to a problem. Employers find value in creative professionals who are able to accept the possibility that there may not be a “right answer.” Sometimes no answer is the answer. Sometimes the need to keep searching and developing through the creative process is the answer. These professionals who know how to keep their questioning and searching skills alive will bring increased value to the workplace.

5. Talented in the Innovative Skills Process

If you are not skilled in the actual innovative and creative process, you won’t become as valuable to an employer. Creative professionals need to demonstrate that they know how to be original and are able to invent new things and ideas and products. Originality is one of the most important qualities and characteristics that a creative professional can and should develop in order to maintain value to their employer.

6. Gifted in Desiring to Take Risks for Success

Employers want their creative professionals to embrace the risk taking process. After all, if they are not willing to take risks, nothing new will ever be created and developed. As a creative professional, hone your risk taking skills and don’t be afraid to fail in your creative efforts. However, if you fail, continue to try to create and don’t give up on the creative process. Employers want creative professionals who are able to see beyond the process and understand the immense value in taking risks.

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Are you a creative professional? If so, which field are you in and how are you working to increase your own value to your employer? Share with us your experiences in the comments section below.




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