How to Increase Your Value Within Your Company

Job security is a dying luxury – in fact, some would argue that it has long become extinct in today’s competitive job market while others would say that its existence is only a myth. It is, therefore, necessary that we constantly prove our worth in our jobs and the organizations that we work for. Otherwise, we could very well find ourselves back at square one, diligently checking job board after job board.

So, how do you increase your value within your company and, ultimately, keep yourself in gainful employment?

1. Never Stop Learning

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Education does not stop right after university, and you should make it a point to continue learning even when you have 10 years’ worth of work experience behind you. Consider taking a webinar or a free online class to boost your resume, and dedicate an hour every day to the cause – you can even find an abundance of quality tutorials on YouTube to develop your skill set.

Continuously seeking knowledge should be a lifelong pursuit – after all, a candidate who has done nothing to complement and further his education will probably be ignored altogether in a recruiter’s hiring decision.

2. Keep Contributing

If you want to get that generous paycheck at the end of each month, you obviously have to work for it. And, by that, we mean making your company money. To put it simply, the more money you make for the company, the more secure your job generally is.

3. Be Willing to Help

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If your company offers mentoring and learning opportunities, and you’re a seasoned worker, you might want to consider taking an up-and-coming colleague under your wing and show him the ropes. Likewise, if you’ve recently attended a seminar or conference and believe the information you have learned will benefit the company, you could ask your boss if you could impart your new knowledge on your colleagues.

4. Be a Celebrity

The power of relationships is amazing, and building and developing strong relationships with your coworkers not only makes you more likeable but also a good fit to the company’s corporate culture. Forming these relationships at a company starts as early as the hiring process – after all, people hire people; companies don’t. Meanwhile, the better your working relationships are with colleagues and management alike, the better your chances of climbing up the ranks.

5. Work Hard

Young people working hard

Make it your mission to get noticed at work for being the employee that goes the extra mile, puts in the extra hours, thinks outside of the box when you have to come up with solutions for difficult challenges, offers innovative ideas, and spends that little more time perfecting an important project. In general, make sure you go above and beyond and deliver the best results in anything you endeavor in the workplace.

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The death of job security doesn’t mean it has to be the end of your career – it just means that you have to keep working toward to bettering yourself at what you do.

Can you think of any other ways you can increase your value in your company? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section below – we’re all ears!




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