Indie Chick Takes its Place on Magazine Stands

For Indie Chick Inc., 2014 is shaping into a benchmark year. In January, their website, the Indiechicks, released its inaugural print version of their quarterly magazine which is aimed at inspiring women to unearth the independent, confident, spirit within while carving out a better version of themselves as they banish the jealousy and self-loathing that interferes with that all important mission.

Indie Chicks are fearlessly defined

The female-centered website launched in May of 2012 and like the newly published magazine, it appeals to ladies in all stages if their life from the often tumultuous and uncertain twenties into the differing and multilayered facets of adulthood. Women wear many hats and Indie Chicks strives to empower the female state of mind so they possess the strength, courage, and self-assurance to navigate life’s confusing path.

The company’s mantra is “fearlessly defined” and this burgeoning corporation began as quietly as a seed being planted in a garden. It started simply enough with two blogs.

A Better Version of Yourself

Chiara Mazzucco, the founder, editor-in-chief, and CEO, was writing a relationship blog which was gaining in popularity when she met fellow writer, Julie Zantopoulos, vice-president and senior editor, in an online blogger group.

“When I was looking for writers,” Mazzucco explained. “Julie stepped up and submitted one of the strongest piece on the site to date. She jumped right up in helping to promote and rally support. When it came time for me to bring someone on board to help manage the online content, asking her was a no brainer. She believed in the brand back then as much as she does now.”

From the onset, a print version of the site was always in the picture for these two ladies. “We have provided our readers with quality content and we wanted to give them something they could hold,” Mazzucco continued. "The print publication is not meant to replace the value you get from our website, it’s meant to supplement.”

The Seed Blossoms

With Mazzucco and Zantopoulos at the helm along with fellow writer, President, and COO Chrystal Rose, Indie Chicks has been steadily flourishing and expanding. has over 29,000 Twitter followers and has a strong foothold on other popular social media sites including Facebook and Google Plus.

Indie Chick Lit debuted earlier in 2014 and bills itself as “a playground for writers;” providing resources, insight, and motivation with their weekly writing prompts for freelancers, bloggers, and authors. An interesting feature is the marketing assistance they offer published writers. Authors can choose from three book tours which help broaden the reach of publications through social media.

In June, Indie Chick Radio hit the airwaves with a weekly chat on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM EST. Mazzucco and Rose pull up a chair and dish out relationship talk like any group of friends would over Sunday brunch or a drink after work.

That Thing you Do

There is a moment in the Tom Hanks’ movie, That Thing You Do, where the fictional Wonders hear their song playing on the radio for the first time. For any creative endeavor, the moment the work is realized is a monumental occasion. On June 16, Indie Chick graced the shelves of Barnes & Noble. The brainchild of two bloggers took its place along side magazine mainstays such as Cosmo and Glamour. For Mazzucco and Zantopoulos that special moment was difficult to express in words.

“It was both professionally and personally overwhelming,” Zantopoulos said. “I had a lot of happy tears the day the magazine hit the shelves.”

Mazzucco echoed those sentiments. “I saw Indie Chick next to Oprah on the shelves of the biggest bookstore chain in the country and I didn’t want to cloud the moment with any overbearing emotion. I just wanted to absorb it all. It felt incredible and I will never forget that feeling.”

Some Things Never Really go out of Style

As the print media dwindles in the shadow of technology and often teeters on the verge of extinction, Indie Chicks is finding the delicate balance between the two. They continue to branch out to widen their reach to a broader audience as they cultivate new readers and provide opportunities for writers, all the while never losing sight of their original initiative; to nurture independent, healthy souls.