Infographic: How to Increase Your Employability Whilst You're Still in Education

When you’re in education it’s all too easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Some might even say that all those study days, half days and lie-ins turn your brain soft.

Although it may sound hard to believe now, let me tell you, school and university are a cinch. You may as well be wrapped in a big ball of cotton wool, living a life of excess and luxury compared to the world of work so enjoy it whilst you can!

Don’t lose sight of your goal

Whilst you’re having fun though it’s important that you don’t lose sight of what you’re working towards. Whether you’re at school, college or university you should always be thinking about ways that you can improve your employability. After all, that’s why you’re in education, so you can get a fulfilling and enjoyable job at the end of it.

Use your free time wisely

When you’re in education you have lots more free time than you will have in full-time employment, making it the ideal time to try out new things, test the water and really find out which career is right for you. Once you’re working fulltime it’s much tougher to find the time to do extra work or volunteer to gain relevant industry experience to boost your CV.

Perhaps you want to break into journalism and your CV could benefit from getting some articles published on a freelance voluntary basis? Or maybe you want to be a teacher but you need some experience volunteering at a kids’ after school club? Whatever industry it is that you’re trying to get into, getting that first break can be difficult without any real work experience so it’s important to do what you can whilst you’re still in education to improve your chances of finding work afterwards.

Prepare for a tough job market

Although the job market has picked up recently, it’s still a dog-eat-dog world out there. Many people find that when they leave education and land with a bump in the real world that they’re just not prepared and panic.

Enjoy yourself whilst you’re in education but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Make sure that you’re always looking for ways to improve your CV and gain experience that will better prepare you for the big, bad, working world.

Just to get you started, I have created an infographic depicting five great ways that you can improve your employability whilst you’re still in education.

(Infographic statistics sourced from the Daily Mail)