How to Inject New Career Opportunities Into Your Dull Routine

In a world of escalating underemployment, many careerists feel like they're not maximizing their full potential in their current jobs. They also find themselves in the dark when lucrative career opportunities present themselves. While many career opportunities are advertised in public, the lucrative ones are often reserved within close quarters that are out of reach for most of us. With this in mind, it becomes clear that a different set of measures has to be taken to inject new career opportunities into our dull routines. Which measures are these?

#1 Join and Participate in Career Forums

Online forums are one of the best ways for you to bond and connect with likeminded careerists all over the world. For instance, Career Addict has a Forum segment where one can express their opinions, challenges and solutions to hundreds of thousands of careerists all over the world. A wide range of topics such as Career Guidance, Career Development and Business Ideas are covered in Career Addict forums. Social media is also a great platform for you to interact with your career friends and share ideas regarding how one can deal with various career challenges. You can also join clubs suited to your career needs where matters regarding career opportunities are often discussed.

#2 Join and Participate in a Worthy Cause

Charity usually sounds boring on first impression but on the ground, the experience is quite different. Charity tends to make us appreciate our jobs more by showing us how fortunate we are to be employed and to afford decent standards of living. Charity also motivates us to work harder in our careers to give more to the community. Moreover, companies love promoting employees that will enhance their PR. Frequent participation in charity events might be the key for you to get noticed by your boss for that lucrative promotion.

#3 Relocate / Apply for a Work Exchange Programme

Relocation can be a great way for you to gain the exposure you need to kill your dull routine. You not only get to embrace a new career lifestyle, but you also get to meet new people and gain experience of multi-cultural diversity. This moulds you into an employee that will be in high demand in case your company needs someone to be assigned tasks in various parts of the world. A work exchange programme would also help you adapt to a different working environment and gain some new skills thus reducing chances of sinking back to your usual dull routine.

#4 Try a part-time business venture

Entrepreneurship has always proven to be an effective mechanism for careerists to take full charge of their destiny in their quest for career success. While many would want to engage in new business ventures, the problem comes with determining the best business venture for you. Brainstorming ideas and putting them on paper once in a while would be a great start. This not only helps you compare your options, but it also helps you think about business prospects, funding, market trends, monthly costs and so forth. In addition, the business venture has got to strike a balance between your passion and your skills to ensure total commitment on your part.

#5 Attend Career Workshops and Seminars

These would be great avenues for you to meet like-minded careerists. You not only get to share ideas, but you also acquire meaningful mentors and acquaintances that will advise you on your career prospects and possibly give you hints regarding opportunities that might come up soon.

#6 Boost competence through Vocational Training

Do you find your work routine and devoid of challenges? Has the comfort-zone of your current job worn out to the point of complete and utter boredom? Are your current credentials insufficient to position you for that dream promotion? Then it's about time you embraced new challenges and explored new territories in your career life by looking into vocational training courses available. To begin with, you'll have to put your academic papers and financial matters in order. You'll also have to look into the costs of the vocational course in terms of time and finances on your part. A scholarship or company incentive would be an added advantage. Ultimately, competence is a key determinant of career success.

#7 Request for a shift to a Different Department

You might be of the opinion that your current work position isn't fully maximizing your potential. It would thus be best to pay a visit to your boss and give him/her concrete reasons regarding why you need to shift to a different department. It would in fact be wise to examine yourself and put your concrete reasons on paper prior to that meeting, to avoid sounding like you only wish to serve your own personal interests. In effect, you not only end up sounding professional, but you also get to convince your 'difficult' boss to approve your request thus positioning you for a wealth of experience and a new set of skills.

#8 Bond with Key Industry Players

It's one thing to be competent, but it's a completely different ball game to get noticed to ensure that you don't get passed by when lucrative vacancies come up. And what better way to avoid this predicament than to know the key industry players in person. They can range from business owners to CEOs, board members and government officials. You'll rarely see the truly lucrative vacancies advertised in the dailies because when it comes to such 'hot cakes', only the top inner circle is aware and they tend to consult each other for recommendations. If you play your cards right, you might find yourself heading straight to a top job with little or no competition.

It's said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Similarly, you shouldn't expect any change in your career life by employing the same techniques that you've been using in the past. If you really want to inject new career opportunities into your dull routine, then it's time to change your tactics put these measures into serious consideration.




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