Integrating Snapchat Into Your Social Media Business Toolkit

Despite being nearly four years old, Snapchat is still considered to be one of the new guys to join the business social media party, and many feel that while the other social media tools, chat, dance and generally have a good time, Snapchat is the loner in the corner who is perfectly happy to stand by himself and not talk to anyone.

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Right, well to put that analogy to bed, Snapchat can be integrated into many, if not all, the other social media tools once you know how, and all of them together can be integrated into your essential business toolkit.

The first thing to understand is that you shouldn’t be distracted by the finite existence of the Snapchat messages. The fact that the messages only exist for a few seconds, doesn’t make them any less useful as a tool, in the same way that Twitter’s restriction of characters is not seen as negative at all.


One of the biggest elements of integration that Snapchat brings is the Snapcode, a QR Code that every snapchat user is given. With this code you can use Snapchat to connect to all the other social media platforms that can send and receive images. If you’re not sure what a QR Code is, they are those black and white squares you scan with your mobile device that directs you to a certain webpage.

A customer will scan your Snapchat QR code, and be taken straight to your business snapchat profile. The QR code will allow that person to connect with your profile and your business as a whole. So, imagine adding this code to your tweets, Facebook and blog posts, or your Instagram images. Suddenly Snapchat’s not just invited to the party but it’s handing out business cards too.

Once you start thinking about the nature of Snapchat, then the restricted life of the message can actually be a positive thing in regards to business marketing and connecting with your potential and actual customers.

Driving Your Marketing

You can use Snapchat to drive marketing campaigns off the back of Snapchat’s video and images. Imagine sending teaser pictures and videos of your latest products, or creating teaser adverts that will drive all those curious customers to your website, blog and social media.

Traffic can also travel in the opposite direction. For example, a competition advertised on your website or Facebook profile can encourage Snapchat users to send in photos or videos of themselves with your product, or whilst being next to one of your advertisements.

Use this article to think about how your company uses social media, and how Snapchat can be integrated into it. It is really important to remember that as far as business marketing goes, Snapchat is no different than any other social media tools.

If you’ve never used Snapchat and want to get to grips with it, then I suggest you look at this quick and helpful guide. Once you understand how to use Snapchat, you can then decide just how you are going to make Snapchat another social media marketing tool for your business.

Are you a snapchat user? Do you follow any other business profiles? Let us know in the comments section below.




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